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Best Smart Scale In 2023

Weigh it up first before plumping for one of these connected scales
Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Getting back into shape after over a year of working from home, not going out, and having a limited outdoor lifestyle can be incredibly intimidating. If you’re thinking of getting into shape or you need to maintain your sculpted physique, it’s a good idea to get the best smart scale that does what you need it to do. 

A best smart scale will usually hook up to your favorite fitness apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung health, and more. Not only it is convenient to have all your body stats in one place, but a best smart scale will also help you achieve your ideal body through its feed of statistics which will allow you to manage your workout and diet regime accurately.

Speaking of statistics, the best smart scale will tell you your full body composition. That means body fat, muscle mass, and bone mass percentage, although some of these features aren’t advisable for anyone dependant on pacemakers due to small electrical pulses that are sent through your body to retrieve readings.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best smart scale

We picked out this list of the best smart scales by focusing on ones with good user feedback, made out of high quality materials. We tried to choose ones across a range of budgets, but all with a high degree of accuracy. A strong connection to other smart devices and phones was a big pro, as was battery life and durability.

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Product Reviews

  • Syncs with popular health apps
  • Up to 8 different users
  • Expensive

Qardio is coming in thick and fast with a premium best smart scale that’s jammed with features whilst looking at home in any modern bathroom, living space, or gym. Its 14.57-inch circular diameter and less than 2-inch thickness give this best smart scale the edge when it comes to looks, but how does it perform?

QardioBase2 provides a full-body composition, which includes measuring your weight in pounds or kilograms. It also provides an accurate body mass index (BMI) measurement and tracks changes. It breaks this measurement down into muscle, body fat, water, and bone, allowing all kinds of users to pinpoint what they need to work on in line with a suitable diet and exercise routine.

This best smart scale syncs up with your favorite fitness tracker apps, although you’ll most likely only use one. Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Fit are all included. This allows users to track all their health stats in one place, which comes in handy for obvious reasons. It also recognizes up to eight users, with an easy-to-use guest mode to boot.

  • Each user has their own account on the Fit Index App
  • Auto calibrates
  • Need to read between the lines with lacklustre BMI readings

Fitindex has provided their own budget best smart scale which packs a punch when it comes to a half-decent feature set. Given its sub-$30 price tag, it has a 10.2 x 10.2-inch glass plate with a thickness of 0.96-inches, earning it the smart moniker in the looks department too. 

This tempered glass best smart scale makes composition measuring a breeze thanks to the Fitindex app. It’s compatible with the biggest fitness apps and also offers an Apple Watch app, which is something higher-priced competitors don’t offer.

Using bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, it shows up to 12 compositional measurements such as body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass, protein levels, and more. Fitindex also allows for multiple users to use the best smart scale with the option of having their own profile in-app. Not bad for a budget best smart scale, although it must be said, some readings such as BMI can be a little off-center from time to time. To pinpoint accurate readings, it might be an idea to invest in a higher-priced scale.

  • Weight management feature
  • Keeps individual user details private from others
  • Not suitable for users with pacemakers

This product is not suitable for anyone fitted with a pacemaker due to using electrical currents when getting measurements, please seek an alternative best smart scale for your own safety. Said currents do, however, provide 17 different body measurements. This is done by using FitTrack’s dual BIA technology, allowing this best smart scale to provide body mass indexing, muscle mass, obesity levels, and more.

Up to eight people, including babies, can use the device confidentially, tracking their stats using their own FitTrack Health app. Babies will need to buy their own device if they’re smart enough to use the best smart scale. Speaking of, the app doesn’t communicate with any other fitness application, which might be a deal-breaker for some iOS and Android users.

It looks like FitTrack is looking to usher in its own smart fitness brand as an all-in-one solution with its own smartwatches and more. This best smart scale does however provide ‘award-winning’ precision, which ensures accurate full body composition readings. Its weight management feature also ensures you are staying on track and caters to most shapes and sizes.

  • Teaches correct stances for accurate readings
  • Pregnancy tracker and baby mode
  • May provide inconsistent body fat measurements of up to 8%

Withings have a great reputation when it comes to their best smart scale, which is why the Body+ syncs up with over 100 top health and fitness apps. Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit are small examples. The best smart scale monitors weight in pounds, kilograms, and stones, measures body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass with accuracy to the nearest 100g.

Rather than manually drawing information from the best smart scale, data automatically appears via Wi-Fi in the free companion app, called Heath Mate. Withings makes sure your weight is accurate anywhere in the world, this point is being made due to gravity affecting your overall weight depending on your location.

Position control technology makes sure you have a good and correct posture when weighing in, this ensures accurate measurements. Who knew? Up to eight users can use the scales whilst keeping their measurements private inside their own app. Withings Body+ auto-detects who’s who also, which is a nice touch. Each user is catered for, even pregnant members of the family and newborns.

  • Step-On technology
  • Works via Bluetooth via iOS or Android app
  • Struggles weighing and reading users over 350lbs

Smart scales under the $20 mark can’t be worth it, right? Wrong. Eteckcity might not not be providing a Wi-Fi-enabled best smart scale, but this doesn’t affect compatibility. Connecting your iOS and Android device via Bluetooth links the best smart scale up to the free VeSync app. The app then links up to your favorite fitness apps such as Apple Health or Google Fit and syncs data, allowing users to manage their fitness stats on one platform.

Step-on technology makes for a user-friendly experience, simply use the VeSync app to change weight type between pounds and kilograms easily. This functionality also counts for the whole family with unlimited accounts that track their own users.

The cheaper best smart scale sometimes lacks in build quality, adding to the ‘you get what you pay for’ attitude. However, Eteckcity has made sure their budget best smart scale has a 6mm thick tempered glass plate. This ensures the safety of heavier users whilst making sure functionality isn’t impacted

The best smart scale for you often comes down to what you need from it. If you’re just looking for a nice-looking replacement for the decades-old one your Mum gave to you when moving out, a budget one will do you just fine. It will have some nice features that will come in handy when you get round to exercising, and it’ll look the part. For fitness enthusiasts looking for an all-in-one body composition solution that syncs with their FitBit software, it’s going to be worth investing in a premium piece of kit. With that in mind:

What Is BMI?

The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy.

Why do I need to know my bone weight?

It’s handy to know do you can write off said bone weight and know what’s body fat. The same applies to muscle weight.

Do I need to sync up my best smart scale to my usual fitness app?

You don’t have to, It depends on what your budget is and what you want to get out of your best smart scale statistics. If you literally just want to weigh yourself, don’t worry about it.

Can I use the best smart scale if I have a pacemaker?

Standard battery-powered digital scales are perfectly safe to use if you have a pacemaker. However digital scales that also measure body fat are NOT recommended for people with pacemakers since they actually send a small amount of current through the body.

Our Verdict

QardioBase2 is easily the best deal in this buyer’s guide. OK, it’s at least twice as expensive as the majority of the scales on this list, but it’s one of the few smart scales that performs consistently and accurately. Saving up the extra will give you the best smart scale that does everything you need to do bar the laundry and ironing. Although, that’s a good idea for some new smart tech?

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