How To Change Alexa Voice In 2023

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Alexa App

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From Samuel L. Jackson to a male alternative to the standard Alexa voice, learning how to change the Alexa voice can be both entertaining and refreshing. Who wouldn’t want Jackson’s foul mouth abusing them from their bedside table?

Lagging the competition, Alexa is finally giving users a small handful of customizable voices, although the celebrity voices cost $5.

You can either change voices via the Alexa App on your Android/Apple handsets, or change them directly with your Echo device. It must be said that only the male alternative to Alexa covers all Alexa features, with celebrity voices mostly covering standard features such as alarms, weather forecasts, and jokes.

Moreover, if you have multiple Alexa-Enabled devices, you must repeat these steps for every device.

How To Change Alexa Voice


How To Change Alexa Voice – Alexa App

First, let’s show you how to do this remotely via the Alexa App:



Select Device You’d Like To Voice Change

Open up the Alexa app and go to Devices > Echo and Alexa > Select Your Device



Choose Your Voice

Tap the settings cog then scroll down to the Alexa Voice option. Tap this option and select the voice you’d like.


How To Change Alexa Voice – Echo Devices

It wouldn’t be an Alexa-enabled device without a voice option, so here’s how to select your favorite Alexa voice without using the app:



Just Ask

Say “Alexa, Change Your Voice”, when prompted, state the name of the device you wish to change. All being well, Alexa will respond in a new voice.

To sue a celebrity voice, say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson”, for example. You will be then asked to purchase the voice.

From then on, refer to Alexa by the celebrity name. Mellisa McCarthy and Shaq are also available.

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