How To Connect Alexa To WiFi

Its simple once you know how!

how to connect alexa to wifi

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Learning how to connect Alexa to WiFi isn’t just part of setting up an Echo Dot or Echo Show, Alexa functionality needs a live WiFi connection to work, at all. Amazon’s Alexa is a household name in 2021, with everyone, including Grandparents, adapting to speaking to a modern-looking speaker in the living room.

From getting a weather forecast to playing your favorite song on Spotify or Amazon Music, WiFi connectivity powers Alexa to cover all kinds of smart commands and activities. This is also how your smart plugs, bulbs, switches, and more connect to Amazon’s mouthpiece.

How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Via App

Echo Dot

First, let’s cover how to do all of this in-app via the Alexa App for iOS and Android. You will most likely take this approach via your handset or tablet device, but we’ll also cover how to use a web browser when learning how to connect Alexa to WiFi too.

Download the Alexa App

Alexa App On Appstore

Click here for Apple devices, and here for Android devices. Make sure you are downloading the official app.

Find Your Device

Whether it’s an Echo Dot, Echo Show, or a Control Panel with Alexa functionality, it should show up here. If you’re setting up a new device, you’ll have to press a button depending on the device to make it discoverable. We’ll cover that more in the next step, if you need to set up an existing device and it isn’t showing up, try factory resetting it.

In the Alexa app, go to Devices > Echo & Alexa or All Devices > Select Change at the side of your device under the Wireless header.

Follow The Setup Instructions

Tap ‘No’ on the next prompt, followed by holding down the action button on your Alexa-enabled device (this may differ on non-Echo devices, check your manufacturer instructions). This makes the devices discoverable and ready to receive incoming signals. Once again, select your device then choose your WiFi network and put in the correct password. All being well, you’ve just learned how to connect Alexa to WiFi.

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi Via Website

Alexa website login

This works a little differently but will be familiar for people who’ve set up third-party WiFi plugs etc. The Alexa device will create its own temporary network which captures your WiFi information. Simply follow these steps below:

Set Up A New Device

Open a web browser and head to and log in using your Alexa account credentials. From the sidebar, head to Settings > Set Up A New Device > Echo (Or relevant product) > Continue.

Connect Alexa To Power and WiFi

Next, Plug in your Alexa device, make it discoverable (hold down the action button on Echo devices) and allow your PC to connect to your Alexa-enabled device. You need to do this in the same way you’d normally connect a PC or Mac to your home WiFi. Your Alexa device is now connected to your PC/Mac. 

Continue the setup process to learn how to connect Alexa to WiFi. Select your home WiFi connection, enter the password, and click connect. You’ve just learned how to connect Alexa to WiFi via an internet browser.