Windows 11

Windows 11 is the future of PC operating systems. Microsoft has spent a great deal of time and effort beautifying the user experience to make the best-looking version of Windows yet. However, as with any new OS, there are bound to be twists and turns in the journey. PC Guide is here to help keep you up to date with news, tips and tricks, and all the other information you need to switch seamlessly to Windows 11.


Windows 11 is here and we are as excited as any of you so we have created this Windows 11 hub so you can keep up with all the news, rumours and features we hear about before the launch at the end of the year.

New Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 doesn’t only look pretty, there’s a whole host of new features that have been introduced into the new generation of the operating system. There were far too many announced today for a full deep dive, but here is a list of the major changes/updates:

Windows 11 How To, FAQ & News