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Best iPhone gimbal in 2024

Last Updated on February 22, 2024
best Gimbal for iPhone

Looking for the best iPhone gimbal? We’ve got you covered.

Gimbals are quite possibly the oddest namesake for a piece of tech we’ve all heard for a while, but what are they and why do you need one for your iPhone? It’s important to understand what a Gimbal is before looking for the best Gimbal for iPhone, so let’s break it down a little.

A Gimbal allows for an object to keep its proper orientation despite the angle or position of what the object is attached to. This is how cup holders stay in the correct position on ships for example, but it’s not exactly a new invention at all.

The Gimbal was first coined by Greek inventor Philo of Byzantium (280-220 BC). He described an inkpot that could be accessed from any side to dip a quill in, but the ink didn’t spill. This was demonstrated by the inkpot being supported inside a series of metal rings that kept the inkpot stationary regardless of the ring’s motions.

The history of the Gimbal goes all over the world from Ancient China to Ancient Rome then settling in the Latin west before being widely adopted in stabilization tech today. From buoyancy measurements in cruise ships to helping a flight’s autopilot identify the horizon, Gimbals are a very useful invention.

Moving to the film industry, Gimbal camera brackets have been used for years, providing stationary movement of cameras to capture in-motion scenes with no shaking of diminishing quality. This technology has been condensed over the years for public use, and now we have Gimbals for our smartphones, bringing that element of professionalism to our everyday video and photo capture.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

There are plenty of Gimbal sticks for mobile devices out there, but there are also a lot of knock-offs and rip-offs in the deep dark corners of the web. We wanted to find some of the best on various budgets and bring them straight to our readers, no questions asked.

We’ve got some big brands in the space with a price tag to match, but we’ve also got a cheaper, portable option that will get the job done for readers on a budget, No matter which walks of life our readers are from, we want to ensure our buyers’ guides are as inclusive as possible. 

So here we go, check out our top picks below. Did we miss one out? Feel free to let us know about it in the comments at the end of this buyer’s guide.

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Product Reviews

  • ShotGuides for perfect shots
  • Smart Gimbal with ActiveTrack 4.0
  • Not compatible with iPhone 13 series

Here we go with an absolute best seller in the best Gimbal for the iPhone market. DJI is known for all kinds of video and photography solutions that are more ‘outside the box’ than people usually go. With their excellent drone range doing well, it only makes sense that they bring out a great range of iPhone Gimbals too.

Taking cues from selfie sticks, DJI OM 5 had a retractable rod that gives users all the benefits of a Gimbal with the added benefit of extended angles and range. From flawless selfies to automatic tracking, we can’t recommend DJI OM 5 enough.

The only downside is that it doesn’t support iPhone 13 series, so this one is for iPhone 12 users and below, unfortunately. But with that being said, this best Gimbal for iPhone automatically recognizes and environment and recommends a specific mode that would suit the environment more thanks to its companion app.

  • Smart Follow
  • Gesture controls
  • Lack of app optimization

This foldable best Gimbal for iPhone really stands out from other Gimbals thanks to its 180 degrees fill light, making low-lit environments a non-issue in most cases. Smooth Q3 Combo has a long list of features such as Pan-Following, locking, full-follow, and PhoneGo modes. It’s safe to say there are plenty of features for this portable best Gimbal for iPhone.

It has a 3-Axis Gimbal installed, which means smooth video from any angle. Nothing will be too awkward to shoot for Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Combo. Imagine those perfect family home videos with no shaking and a super-smooth, stabilized image.

The control panel on Zhiyun Smooth Q3 Combo is easily accessible with a user’s thumb on the top of the handle. There’s also a nicely designed zoom wheel that allows for nice smooth zooms in and out whilst filming, which will only add to the professionalism of any content produced.

  • Max 280g weight
  • Smart gesture support
  • Poor native app optimization

Here’s another portable option for iPhone 12 users and below, which is also compatible with multiple Android devices should the need arise (sorry for swearing iOS users). This best Gimbal for iPhone is a budget option that rocks Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to iPhones quickly in order to not miss that perfect shot. Triple-pressing the power button on the easy-to-reach control panel will switch between Portrait and Landscape mode.

Claiming to be ‘pocket sized’ by MOZA, the Mini MX shouldn’t be too much of a pain to fit into backpacks and handbags. It’s able to hold up to 280g, which shouldn’t be an issue for even the bigger supported iPhone models. This portable Gimbal also has a ¼” thread screw allowing it to be mounted onto other tripods and accessories for professional use.

The Moza Genie app provides built-in shooting templates which makes video creation quick and simple, although users can play with the settings should they need to for that important establishing shot. Underbalanced status, this best Gimbal for iPhone supports up to a 20-hour battery life, which should be more than enough for most projects.

  • Time-lapse
  • Object tracking
  • Not compatible with iPhone 11 series

This best Gimbal for iPhone is a curious one. Zhiyun states outright that their own app isn’t as good as a third-party app, Filmic Pro which supports more features than their own ZY Play does. It also supports all iPhone models bar iPhone 11 series, go figure. But, this is a budget-best Gimbal for iPhone, so let’s look at it as such.

This Gimbal needs balancing before use. Slide in the iPhone as close as possible to the tilt axis motor then loosens the Y-axis thumb screw. Then slide the horizontal arm to adjust the center of gravity, simple right? 

It supports time-lapse and objects tracking, making sure the Gimbal has the basic features covered. Unlike other pricier best Gimbals for iPhone, this one supports two-way charging for much longer runtime with a device that supports it.

  • Position lock
  • 3-axis brushless motor
  • Doesn’t fit iPhones with a case on

Aiming for streamers and vloggers, FeiyuTech brings the budget best Gimbal for iPhone to the table with its Pocket 2. This foldable Gimbal is designed to go everything necessary as far as streaming goes, but probably isn’t the best choice for users looking to produce professional video content.

The control panel is fairly easy to access at the front of the handle and within easy reach of thumbs and with a one-button press horizontal or vertical flip option. This feature will be worth the purchase alone for variety of streamers and the advent of Twitch streams going mobile.

The 3-Axis functionality is present, but the eight-hour battery life won’t be enough for anyone looking to do extensive video creation. But for streaming and vlogging, this should be fine for short-form content. There’s also a mini-tripod and some other accessories which will come in more than handy for stationary streaming here and there too.

Although there’s quite a variety of best Gimbal for iPhone present in this buyers guide, users will ultimately get what they pay for. Sometimes it’s not all about features but build quality, which is even more important for a bit of tech that’s going to be thrown around at the best of times getting the best shots possible.

Whilst we don’t want to alienate any of our readers, we also want to be honest. It’s a good idea to save up a little more to get a high-quality best Gimbal for iPhone, although going for any of the budget options mentioned above isn’t going to hurt.

What’s The Difference Between A Gimbal And A Selfie Stick?

A selfie stick just allows for wider angles to get fuller pictures when taking selfies. Gimbals allow for smooth video thanks to the 3-axis Gimbals fitting into them.

Why Should I Go For A Premium Gimbal And Not A Cheap One?

It depends on what you’d like to use the Gimbal for. If it’s just for the odd family day out, a budget option would be fine. For someone looking to do some serious video, however, we’d recommend spending that little bit extra.

Doesn’t My Phone Gyroscope Take Care Of All Of These Features?

This is a common misconception. A Gyroscope tells a device which way it’s being held. Think about when an iPhone auto rotates its screen when you flip it around, that’s a gyroscope in action.

A Gimbal allows iPhones to stay stationary whilst any attachments and changes in directions/angles are allowed to position wherever they like.

How Does It Connect To My iPhone?

Most Gimbals use Bluetooth technology to connect to an iPhone. This connection is then used for the Gimbal to tell its companion app positional information to get the most out of the best Gimbal for iPhone.

Does It Drain My iPhone Battery?

If an iPhone is being used to film video consistently, it will naturally drain the battery more than being used normally. However, the Gimbal doesn’t use an iPhone battery unless it supports two-way charging. This means the Gimbal and iPhone can charge each other, but this isn’t a common feature. Most Gimbals last at least eight hours, which should be more than enough for most projects.

Is It Worth Getting A Gimbal?

We highly recommend a gimbal for videographers or moviemakers. There are a number of other solutions that help you achieve a nice and steady video however, gimbals are the best solution for optimal results and quality.

How do you hold a gimbal?

The best way to ensure a steady film is by grasping the stem of the gimbal with both hands.

Our Verdict

Not only is this best Gimbal for iPhone well built and looks the part, but it also has a feature set that will make most Gimbal users happy. The accompanying software is also sound for iPhone users. From beginner users to someone looking to do professional video and camera work with the DJI OM 5, we think this is the most versatile iPhone Gimbal on the market. Plus, the extendable selfie stick rod will come in really handy for personal use and for capturing from crazy camera angles.