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Best rudder pedals for Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2024 – budget and premium picks

For that authentic steering wheel for your virtual plane you are going to need a set of pedals under the old desk
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
best rudder pedals for Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you want the best gaming experience, you’re going to need a set of the best rudder pedals for Microsoft Flight Simulator too to complete the set. Thankfully, here is the article you need to fulfill that dream as we look at the three main sets of pedals out there on the market today that will take your flight to the next level in Microsoft’s amazing sim.

Flight pedals are another peripheral that you might convince yourself that you don’t really need, but once you have played a flight sim with rudder pedals you will wonder how you haven’t played one before. Of course, if you are going all-in with a yoke and pedals it is not a cheap investment so PC Guide is here to help you make the right choice the first time around.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best rudder pedals for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s not like we are spoilt for choice when it comes to flight simulator rudder pedals so we have had a look at what is available in the market to find what you should be considering placing under your desk before take-off.

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Product Reviews

  • Easily added to yoke from same manufacturer
  • Comfortable enough for long flights
  • Tension dial makes it easy to adjust to taste
  • The most expensive pedals here.

It’s somewhat surprising perhaps that we don’t have more mainstream peripherals for Flight Simulators as when you tot them all up there are a fair few out there and the market is pretty rich pickings for selling peripherals to. These pedals from Logitech / Saitek are among the most popular of what’s on offer if you don’t want to check out the specialist manufacturers and fit together nicely with the yoke and throttle quadrant set up from the same stable.

The pedals are sturdy, weighing in at a little over 5llbs which means they won’t easily be kicked around under your desk. A large tension wheel in the center is a nice touch that allows you to, well increase the tension obviously enough, so you can tighten things up if you are a bit of a kicker and want to reduce the movement a little.

They also self-center when you remove your feet, and the little raised back at the rear of the footplate makes meeting your trotters in the correct position easy. They look a bit like the devices they used to use to measure kids feet in shoe shops but they work remarkably well in every flight sim we tested them in, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

  • Clever movement system
  • Weighty bass
  • Difficult to break
  • Great cheaper option
  • Look a bit old school

The Pro Pedals from CH Products are a flashback to when flight sims on the PC game with 500-page manuals. They wouldn’t look out of place with a serial connector on them rather than a USB plug. They operate in a slightly different way to the Logitech ones with the pedals moving back and forth along sliding tracks.

They are almost four times lighter than the Logitech pedals but the base remains remarkably solid. These days the Pro pedals can be picked up considerably cheaper than other options here but still perform admirably. While your grandfather might mistake them for a footrest that should be placed in front of his armchair, once they are under the desk and in use you are going to notice a great improvement. Helping you achieve the most realistic experience when flying virtually.

  • Super smooth sliding motion
  • Can assign a brake to each pedal
  • Great build quality
  • Not compatible with older OSs
  • Again, expensive

Again coming in the “not exactly cheap for something you can’t use with everything” bracket are these great pedals from another stalwart of flight swimming – Thrustmaster. In many ways, the Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals are the best pedals here. Featuring a similar weight to the Logitech ones, great looking (for a set of flight pedals), smooth movement, and a dual-rail aluminum sliding system that allows each pedal to also have its own brake assigned means you can have multiple toe brakes, these are perhaps the most flexible pedals on this page.

As with most flight sim peripherals at the moment they can be pretty difficult to get hold of but perseverance will be your friend and constantly rechecking will eventually snare you a set for your flight simulation setup.

Do you need to add them to your flight simulator set-up? Of course, you do. It’s all about the realism baby!

One thing to note, these aren’t compatible with anything older than Windows Vista and they don’t work on a Mac, but let’s face it, you probably aren’t bothered by either of those caveats.

  • Stable, non-slip base
  • Compatible with Xbox and PC
  • Affordable price
  • Not as many features

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Rudder Pedals are another great option for PCs, as well as Xbox gamers. These pedals offer ultra-smooth operation for the best flight sim experience.

Thanks to its differential brakes you’ll get one of the most realistic experiences when playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. And due to its ergonomic design and adjustable pedal length, now any gamer can enjoy it comfortably.

All axes on this device feature a no-contact Hall effect sensor. But that’s not all. Both of these pedals are swappable for greater customizability. The system also comes with a non-slip base which makes it ultra stable. Overall, this offering from Turtle Beach is one of the best flight simulator rudder pedals you can buy right now.

Features and considerations

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing the best rudder pedals for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You will need to have a spare power socket and USB port available nearby to your flight simulator setup in order to hook up your pedals and get everything to work. Also, you obviously need to make sure you have enough room under your desk and that you can move your chair back far enough to be able to use your pedals comfortably.

The last thing you need on a long virtual flight is real-world cramp from poorly positioned toe brakes and foot pedals after a spell on your favorite flight simulators.


How to secure flight sim rudder pedals?

Most flight sim rudder pedals carry enough heft to stop them sliding around all over the place, but what if you want to make them even more secure. Well, you could always secure to a piece of plywood or some other such wood which could then be attached to a frame. You could also add a rubber base to the wood to stop it from sliding more.

Failing that you can also buy specialized flight sim stands to affix your rudder pedals and yoke too. They aren’t cheap but could be just what you are looking for if you arent a DIY wizard.

How to secure flight sim rudder pedals?

As the name suggests, rudder pedals are connected to the rudder of a plane, which is found at the rear.

The rudder pedals will help you control the aircraft’s yaw or side-to-side movement if that is easier to understand. They also allow you to activate the brakes, which are super helpful during take-off and landing.

Are rudder pedals worth it for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Rudder pedals are a vital piece of kit, whether you’re just casually flying or trying to get the full pilot experience. You should also check our top picks for flight joysticks if you want to take your flying to new heights.

Our Verdict

There’s not really much to choose between the Logitech and the Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals sets here when it comes to buying flight simulator rudder pedals and which ones you end up purchasing may well be down to what’s actually available when you go shopping. In truth either will suit you just fine. The better value ones are probably the Thrustmasters, but if you are already entrenched in the Logitech G ecosystem then it may make more sense to add its pedals to its yoke system.

The CH Products Pro Pedals offer a different option but should perhaps only be considered if you are a little short of cash or really unsure that you will get the most from adding a set to your home cockpit.