Secretlab Magnus Pro review – is it worth it?

Should you buy the Secretlab Magnus Pro?

Secretlab Magnus Pro desk mat and logo

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I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you that the Secretlab Magnus Pro is the best gaming desk I’ve ever used in all my years of reviewing and testing hardware and gaming furniture. It’s far from cheap, and it’s heavier than most, but if you’re after an all-star model that will last the test of time with leading cable management, power solutions, versatility, and a feature set you just won’t see from any other desk in its price range.

  • A black adjustable Secretlab Magnus Pro standing desk with a sleek top and sturdy metal legs, positioned on a plain white background.
  • Front view of a black visucius gaming monitor with a logo on the bottom right corner, featuring a slim design and a red accent on the top edge, set on a Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming
  • Close-up of a modern, minimalist black Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming desk with adjustable sections and a sleek design, viewed from the side.
  • Close-up view of a black adjustable height desk with control buttons and a brand logo on the front panel.
  • An electrical outlet on a white wall, partially shaded by geometric black shapes near a Secretlab Magnus Pro gaming desk.
  • A power cord neatly running through a cable management clip attached to the leg of a Secretlab Magnus Pro desk.
5 /5
Editor’s Rating
How We Review
  • Tabletop size: 1.5m / 1.7m (XL)
  • Material: Steel
  • Height adjustment: 650mm — 1250mm
  • Presets: Three custom heights
  • Features: Integrated cable management and power
  • MSRP: $799 / $949 (XL)
What We Think

The Secretlab Magnus Pro is the best gaming desk I’ve ever used with leading cable management, cutting-edge design, excellent load-bearing capacity, and fantastic double duty as a standing desk, too.

  • Leading cable management
  • Excellent all-metal construction
  • Strong and quiet motors
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Magnetic accessories work well
  • Accessories cost extra
  • Incredibly heavy
  • Premium price tag

Secretlab Magnus Pro price

The Secretlab Magnus Pro is available directly from Secretlab in the US and the UK for $799 for the standard 1.5m model and $949 for the XL 1.7m model. My review unit is the standard-sized option. While it may sound pricey, that’s before realizing that the Magnus Pro actually doubles as a motorized standing desk, the latter of which can be considerably more expensive depending on the brand. That means this unit can also be considered one of the best standing desks, too.

Secretlab Magnus Pro assembly

Partially assembled treadmill with scattered components and an electronic control panel on a Secretlab Magnus Pro carpeted floor.
The Secretlab Magnus Pro during assembly – one leg screwed into the frame © BGFG

In terms of assembly, the Secretlab Magnus Pro comes in two large boxes and this is where you’ll bear the weight the most (especially if you have to carry the pieces up the stairs like I did). The tabletop itself weighs in at a mighty 110lbs (50kg) with the legs and other accessories of the other box coming in around 22lbs (10kg) more for about 132lbs (70kg) which includes the legs, mounts, etc. However, if you’re opting for the XL variant, this will be closer to 170lbs (77kg).

Secretlab claims that its Magnus Pro can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes according to the instruction manual, itself which is straightforward and clear. In my testing, building entirely solo, it was more like 30 minutes but this was unpacking as I went. Speaking of which, I strongly recommend having a friend or family member to help you as some parts have some weight to them.

Then we get into the building process itself: flip the tabletop over, connect the corresponding colored wires, screw in the legs, attach the feet, bolt on the cable management tray, install the hinged cover, and then flip the desk over. I’ve built several gaming and non-gaming desks before, and this was by far the easiest when compared to the competition such as AndaSeat, however, you’ll have an easier time building the desk with someone else there to bear the load, and handily all tools are included in the box, too.

Secretlab Magnus Pro design and features

Speaking to its design, the Secretlab Magnus Pro breaks away from its wooden-based contemporaries by being entirely forged from steel meaning it can bear a load of up to 265lb (120kg) which should accommodate multiple gaming monitors, your gaming PC, speakers, accessories, and anything else you can think to throw at it. Smartly, the manufacturer includes a custom-fit desk mat made which sits across, too. It looks and feels incredibly premium and helps to protect the metal underneath from any scuffing or damage.

On the front of the Secretlab Magnus Pro is the control panel which you’ll be able to raise and lower the desk to your liking. There are also three pre-sets that can be programmed, whether this is the perfect height adjustment when standing, down low enough to sit with your gaming chair underneath, or something in between. The motors themselves are incredibly smooth and quiet, and the controls are touchscreen with a noise that pings before motion starts happening.

Secretlab Magnus’ RGB lighting adds a splash of color to the setup © BGFG

Where the Secretlab Magnus Pro deviates from the competition is in its power delivery and cable management solution which are among the most sophisticated I have ever used. The cable tray sits neatly underneath the desk towards the back where you’re able to lift the hinged cover to access this space. I was easily able to fit an entire power strip inside, with space for another one, as the desk plugs into the wall socket, effectively eradicating any excess cables running along the floor.

As this is a metal desk after all, the company has opted for an entirely magnetic ecosystem for its range of accessories which I’ll touch on further down the page. This means everything from an Ethernet extender, headphone hook, laptop mount, and monitor arms are secured into place with powerful magnets before being bolted down for extra safety. It helps to further customize your gaming experience by offering you as many options as you need, however, they all cost extra. One thing you’ll want to consider to add a splash of color is the MAGRGB light strip which attaches between the desk and hinged cover.

Secretlab Magnus Pro performance

A black adjustable Secretlab Magnus Pro standing desk with visible metal legs in a white-walled room, showing a portion of a chair on the left.
The Secretlab Magnus Pro fully extended to its maximum height © BGFG

As for how the Secretlab Magnus Pro performs, there’s no question that this is the best gaming desk I’ve ever used. As touched upon above, the motorized standing functionality is quiet and fast which incentivizes me to use it more often. As someone who sits down a lot for work, having the option to stand so effortlessly is a massive plus, with a mechanism that works better than previous models from Flexispot or ChopValue that I’ve used in the past.

The actual tabletop itself measures 1.5m long with a depth of 59 inches (70cm) which is plenty large enough for my sizeable ultrawide monitor, gaming PC, keyboard, mouse, and more with room to spare. However, you may want to consider additional accessories such as the single or dual monitor arms which free up space, and the premium PC mount (meaning your rig can sit underneath). However, said mount can take up to 55lbs (25kg), and a machine up to the size of 21.5 x 11.8 inches, and my rig is bigger and heavier so on the desk it stayed. If you’re running a smaller gaming PC you should have no problems, though.

A computer setup featuring a Secretlab Magnus Pro desk, showing the back of a monitor and a vertical PC tower with glowing red lights, placed next to a white wall.
Hinged tray lifted up revealing the power strip. below which powers the gaming setup © BGFG
Reasons to Buy
  • You want a gaming and standing desk
  • You want a strong desk for all your gear
  • You want leading cable management for your setup
Reasons to Avoid
  • You’re on a limited budget
  • You want a more lightweight desk

Is the Secretlab Magnus Pro desk worth it?

Simply put, yes. The Magnus Pro is the best gaming desk that we’ve ever used with excellent cable management, power solution, standing and sitting functionality, and stylish all-metal construction. It’s far from cheap, nor is it light, but it’s furniture that’s sure to benefit gamers and those who work from home, too.

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