Google Pixel 8a release date speculation, specs rumors, and price prediction

We discuss the Google Pixel 7a release date, as well as specs & price

Google Pixel 8a release date, specs, and price

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Packaging the best features of the latest Google Pixel flagship into a more affordable device, the Pixel 8a release date is almost as highly anticipated as the Pixel 8 was. While Google remains tight-lipped about the official launch and specifications, rumors and leaks have fueled speculation about what might be in store for the Pixel 8a.

The Google Pixel “a” series smartphones have consistently offered exceptional value for budget-conscious Android users, and the Pixel 8a is the next addition to this lineup. So, ahead of an expected launch later in the year, let’s delve into the current buzz surrounding the Pixel 8a, exploring potential release dates, rumored specs, and the latest developments.

Google Pixel 8a release date speculation

So far we can only speculate that we’ll see the Pixel 8a launch sometime in the middle of the year. Traditionally, Google will unveil its Pixel a series phones at its annual spring Google I/O developers conference. The last conference in May 2023 saw the launch of the Pixel 7a, and Google has now confirmed that this year’s event will be taking place on May 14, 2024, so launch could be in less than a month now. Furthermore, one US carrier had it listed early before quickly removing it according to PhoneArena.

The ‘a’ series has been launching progressively earlier these past few years, which would initially suggest the launch of the Pixel 8a mid-ranger even sooner than anticipated. The Pixel 5a hit the shelves in August, the Pixel 6a in late July, and the Pixel 7a in May. However, now that I/O is again confirmed in May, it’s unlikely to arrive sooner than that.

What’s more, Google may have let it slip that the Pixel 8a will be launching soon. After recently retracting a battery stats feature that was launched on current Pixel devices in an Android 14 QPR1 update, many users took to a Google bug tracking site to try and find the source of the issue (via 9to5Google). According to Google, this seems to be an error, as “We only enable this page on Pixel 8a and beyond, so this is WAI (Working as Intended)”. It’s the company’s first official acknowledgment of the Pixel 8a, and we now even know of one useful feature that’s coming to the phone already.

Google Pixel 8a rumored specs and features

SpecificationRumored details
ProcessorTensor G3
Refresh rate120Hz
Screen size6.1″
ColorsMint, Porcelain, Obsidian, Bay (light green, pale gray, dark gray, light blue)
Camera64MP f/1.9 main sensor, 8MP ultrawide / Magic Editor
Storage128GB, 256GB

While official specifications remain unconfirmed, several leaks and rumors paint a picture of what to expect from the Pixel 8a. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


The Pixel 8a is expected to be powered by Google’s next-generation Tensor SoC chipset, likely the Tensor G3 that powered its Pixel 8. This chipset is expected to offer improved performance and efficiency compared to the Pixel 7a’s Tensor G2 chip, and of course, the seven years of OS and security updates now promised by Google. Most importantly, the Tensor G3 is highly optimized for AI, and it’s hoped that some of the favorite AI functionalities of the Pixel 8 will also come to the Pixel 8a.

Display and design

Leaked renders (@OnLeaks via Android Police) suggest a similar display size to the Pixel 7a, which was 6.1 inches. Taking design cues from the flagship Pixels and older iPhones, the 8a seems to have chunky bezels softened by round corners. However, there’s speculation that the Pixel 8a might boast a slightly higher refresh rate, potentially transitioning from 90Hz to 120Hz for smoother visuals.

In terms of overall design, these leaked renders point towards a distinctly Pixel design language. The Pixel 8a could certainly look like a sibling of the Pixel 8, featuring a slightly curved display and a revised camera bar design. However, the overall design might still retain a distinct “a” series look, notably due to its smaller dimensions and thicker bezels.

Further leaked renders show the Pixel 8a in four different colors, as reported by TechRadar with a render sourced from Android Headlines. The four colors below (from left to right) are reportedly named: Mint, Porcelain, Obsidian, and Bay. Another recent leak from Android Authority showcases the Obsidian color in greater detail from various angles.


The Pixel 8a might retain the same camera hardware as its predecessor, with a 64MP f/1.9 main sensor and an 8MP ultrawide sensor. However, Google’s software optimization is renowned for producing excellent results, so improvements in image processing and computational photography are still possible, especially with the AI-based Magic Editor editing suite.

RAM and storage

Rumors suggest the Pixel 8a will offer 8GB of RAM, which is an upgrade from the 6GB of RAM in the Pixel 7a. Storage options might remain similar, with choices like 128GB and 256GB being potentially available, which would be pretty standard for a smartphone lineup.

What will the starting price of the Google Pixel 8a be?

Pricing of the Pixel 8a is where the current contention lies. If you didn’t know, Google increased the price tag of the Pixel 7a to $499/£449, a little higher than the $449/£399 launch price of the Pixel 6a. So, while it’s hoped that the $500 price will continue over to the Pixel 8a, no official pricing information is available. However, the Pixel 8a might see a slightly increased price tag due to its potential upgrades, rumored to have a starting price of $550 (via Android Authority).

So, the Pixel 8a may be a little less budget-friendly than expected – but it will still be cheaper than the existing models. Another rumor hailing from German source WinFuture says that it could start as upwards of €569.00 for the 128GB model and €630.00 for 256GB.

Will the Google Pixel 8a have AI?

AI was a huge buzzword at the launch event for the Google Pixel 8, and it partly kicked off a huge trend of artificial intelligence in the smartphone market. So, Google has given itself big boots to fill, and it’s unlikely it would pull its popular Best Take and Magic Editor features from its next smartphone release. However, we’re unable to confirm the extent of the AI capabilities of the Pixel 8a as of yet.

It’s worth noting that Google did start making some AI features exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro, so it’s a potential that the Pixel 8a will get even fewer features to keep the device separate from the flagship series. We’ll hear exactly what’s coming to the Pixel 8a as we get closer to its launch.


While the official announcement is still awaited, the current buzz surrounding the Pixel 8a paints a picture of a potentially exciting mid-range smartphone. Featuring a newer chipset, potential display upgrades, and Google’s continued focus on camera software, the Pixel 8a might be a compelling option for budget-conscious users seeking a reliable and feature-rich Android experience. As Google I/O 2024 approaches, stay tuned for official confirmation and further details about the Pixel 8a.

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