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About Marla Broadway

Marla writes across a wide range of topics across PC Guide, including AI, PC hardware, and news on the latest tech releases. She's a passionate writer that's interested in the future of technology.

Joined the PC Guide team in June of 2023 after completing a degree in Music at the University of Manchester.
Worked in various journalist and publicity roles in university societies over the three years of study, alongside pursuing projects as a freelance musician.
Degree and life experiences formed a strong background in music, electronics, and tech.
Marla was lucky enough to grow up in a household that had a Nintendo Wii, which gave her a love for competitive Mario Kart that will never leave. Alongside being a violinist, she enjoys writing for PC Guide and sharing her knowledge about tech, music, and artificial intelligence.
Marla graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor's degree in Music.


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