Sony Bravia 8 OLED TV release date prediction, specs & price revealed

Everything we know about Sony's 2024 OLED TV

Sony Bravia 8 release date, specs & price

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Sony’s latest OLED TV is soon here, but when is the Sony Bravia 8 release date? This arrives as part of Sony’s 2024 range, which they announced on April 17th. It’s second in command to the flagship mini-LED Bravia 9, and the only new OLED TV Sony has announced this year. They have indeed put more focus on pushing mini-LED tech, but that doesn’t mean that Sony can’t put up a fight for the best OLED TV this year.

LG is a brand which is at the forefront of OLED TV tech, and Sony is using one of their WOLED panels for the Bravia 8. They haven’t revealed too much regarding this new set, but we’ll be keeping an eye on any developments moving forward. Aside from the upcoming release date, we also have a good look at the specs and pricing.

Sony Bravia 8 release date predicted

So, when exactly does the new Sony Bravia 8 (XR80) hit stores? Well, nothing is too crystal clear just yet, at least for all regions. Sony has implemented a new naming scheme for 2024’s line-up, and the XR80 will be overtaking the A80L, though the latter will continue to be sold – RTINGS says this older SKU remains as a carryover. Here’s a brief history on previous release dates:

  • A80L release date: May 2023
  • A80K release date: July 2022
  • A80J release date: April 2021

Looking on the Sony UK store, we can see that the Bravia 8 will be shipped from the 24th of June. This at least reveals when we’ll see availability in one region, but what other markets like the US? For now, the US store simply has a notification sign-up rather than an exact date, so we’ll based our prediction off the release date history above. It’s a mixed bag, so we’ll predict that the Sony Bravia 8 will be available as early as May.

Sony Bravia 8 specs we know so far

Product numberXR80
Processor2nd gen XR processor
Sizes55″, 65″, 77″
Screen technologyOLED
Refresh rate120Hz
HDMI standardHDMI 2.1 (2 ports)
FeaturesVRR, ALLM, Dolby Vision, Features for PS5
Audio2.1 channel, Acoustic Surface Audio+, Dolby Audio, DTS
Operating SystemGoogle TV

All in all, the new Bravia 8 OLED TV doesn’t seem to be a massive upgrade compared to 2023’s A80L, but there are some changes. What Hi-FI? had some time with the new display and say that Sony claim it will be around 10% brighter, which has been achieved without QD-OLED or MLA panel technology. As always with any OLED panel, we can expect perfect blacks and excellent color accuracy as standard.

As far as features go, much of the same is in place – but there is the new Prime Video Calibrated Mode which auto-adjusts picture settings between different content types on Amazon’s streaming service. There is also a similar setting for Netflix implemented. One interesting detail is that the 83-inch size is missing from the line-up, something which was present for the A80L.

For gaming, the new Bravia 8 is expected to be top-notch. It does only reach a 120Hz refresh rate compared to Samsung’s and LG’s 144Hz, but this is all you need for console gaming. The OLED panel will be highly responsive and you get gaming support via Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, and exclusive features for the PS5 (Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode). One downside, much like the flagship Bravia 9, is just two HDMI 2.1 ports rather than a full four.

Sony Bravia 8 price announced

There’s no need to speculate if you’re wondering about the price tag of this new OLED TV. It has already gone up for pre order in some regions, and Sony itself has disclosed how much the Bravia 8 will cost. We’ve put together a table with the data just below.

SizePrice (US)Price (UK)

Due to the fact there will be no 83-inch variant, you’d have to settle for last year’s A80L if you want the true big-screen experience. That currently (on Amazon) retails for just under $4,800, though we’re keen to see if the pricing changes at all once the Bravia 8 OLED is widely available.

Official product video from Sony

Is Sony releasing more OLED TVs in 2024?

So far, the Bravia 8 is the only OLED TV that Sony has announced this year. Rival brands such as LG and Samsung have definitely been putting more focus on their WOLED and QD-OLED panel technology respectively, but Sony seem to have taken a step back. However, since last year’s A80L availability will be carrying over to this year, you won’t be lacking choice.

On the flipside, Sony is definitely pushing mini-LED technology instead with the launch of the Bravia 9 and Bravia 7.

Is the Sony Bravia 8 good for gaming?

We have no doubts that the brand-new Sony Bravia 8 will be a fantastic choice of television for gaming. If you’re looking for the best TV for gaming, the XR80 will be a solid choice – especially for PS5 or upcoming PS5 Pro with it’s exclusive features for the Sony console. In general, OLED panels are the best for the job due to excellent response times paired with a high 120Hz refresh rate.

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