Where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 – US, Canada, UK expected retailers

Looking for where to buy the new Apple iPad Pro OLED?

Where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024

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Great news – the new Apple iPad Pro release date is just around the corner, which leads us to checking out all we know about where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 in multiple regions. This high-end tablet expected to launch in May this year, so we’re excited to see what exactly the new range will bring, with two new Pro models anticipated as usual. The upgrade to OLED display technology has got us talking, especially considering many of the best gaming monitors this year are also making the most of it.

We’ll be covering where to find it in the US, Canada, and the UK. Buying direct from Apple is generally a go-to for many, but alternatives are also worth considering. On top of that, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the latest pre order details and any associated pre order bonuses.

Where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 – US expected retailers

Kicking things off with US retailers, obviously the official Apple store is a good place to start your search. As alternatives, we also recommend the likes of Amazon and Best Buy.


Best Buy

Apple store

Where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 – Canada expected retailers

Over in Canada, we can look towards the same retailers as the US. If you’re looking for Canadian-specific store pages, we’ve put all the direct links just below.


Best Buy

Apple store

Where to buy Apple iPad Pro OLED 2024 – UK expected retailers

Lastly, UK consumers can check out local retailers such as Currys as a reliable source for new Apple products. Again, Amazon and the Apple store are also recommended.



Apple store

How much will the 2024 Apple iPad Pro cost?

There hasn’t been any official word on the pricing of the new Apple iPad Pro. It’s likely that we won’t know exactly how much they cost until the actual launch in the near future. However, due to the implementation of OLED display technology, a higher price is indeed expected. The current generation is currently priced starting from $799 and $1,099 for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch respectively, and that could rise up by 60% according to current rumors.

Is there a pre order bonus with the Apple iPad Pro OLED?

Without pre orders going live just yet, we’ll have to speculate when it comes to bonuses. Looking back to the 2022 models, any sort of bonus was actually quite sparse. On the flipside, trade-in offers are quite popular when it comes to buying Apple iPads, so this could be something offered up at launch. The Apple store and other retailers such as Currys in the UK have done this before. Alternatively, there may be some promotions running depending on which network provider you opt for.

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