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About Andrew Kirkcaldy

Andrew is one of three co-founders of BGFG, the parent company of PC Guide. A keen gamer and PC enthusiast, Andrew dabbles in a bit of writing sometimes - when he gets the chance to!

Andrew has long resided in the tech space, having held a number of senior positions at AO - the consumer electronics company. It was this love, coupled with his knowledge of websites, that led to the creation of BGFG (By Gamers, For Gamers) with his brother Craig, and Will Blears - an experienced web and computing expert. Andrew has a deep knowledge of modems, routers and PC components - and often contributes to the website. His particular focus is AI, where he is working closely with the teams to ensure PC Guide's voice on the matter is heard. He is also the CEO of Content Guardian, a business designed to check and protect businesses from unwanted AI use - and is an avid proponent of hands-on experience and quality.

Andrew graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Business Information Technology. When he's not playing games on his under-powered PC (cough...Console), Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and playing touch rugby.

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