WWE 2K24 PC system requirements: Minimum, recommended specs

Can your rig run WWE 2K24?

Everything you need to know about WWE 2K18.

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Get ready to experience the thrills of WWE 2K24 on your PC! Before stepping into the squared circle, you’ll want to ensure your rig is up to the challenge.  WWE games are known for intense action and detailed visuals, requiring capable hardware to unleash their full potential. Understanding whether your PC meets the minimum or recommended system requirements is crucial.  After all, choppy performance, poor graphics, or long loading times fueled by an underpowered CPU or insufficient storage could spoil the spectacle.

Let’s break down the difference between minimum and recommended specs. Think of minimum requirements as the bare essentials, getting the game to run.  Meanwhile, recommended requirements guarantee a smoother, more visually stunning experience. 

Whether you’re aiming for the Standard Edition or craving the early access and potential enhancements of the Deluxe Edition, this guide will help you prepare your PC for WWE 2K24’s unique brand of wrestling action!

WWE 2K24 PC system requirements: Minimum specs

To run WWE 2K24 on your PC, you’ll need to ensure your system meets these baseline specifications:

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10 (64-bit version is essential). Some compatibility with Windows 11 may be possible, but optimal performance isn’t guaranteed yet.
  • CPU (Processor): Intel Core i5-4430 or its AMD equivalent. These older but capable CPUs provide the minimum processing power needed.
  • RAM: At minimum, 8GB RAM is a necessity. Be aware that this could result in slower loading times and less smooth gameplay with other applications running.
  • Graphics Card (GPU): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon RX 460 (or similar). These cards offer the absolute minimum rendering capabilities for WWE 2K24’s visuals. Expect to run at lower resolutions and graphics settings.
  • Storage: A minimum of 70GB free hard drive space. For best results, a solid-state drive (SSD) is highly recommended even with minimum specs, as it greatly improves loading times and helps reduce in-match texture problems.
  • DirectX: DirectX 12 compatibility is likely required. Always check the latest official information released closer to the launch of the game.

Important notes:

  • Minimum specs mean the game will launch and be playable, but don’t guarantee an optimal experience. Visual glitches, lower resolutions, slower load times, and reduced frame rates may be inevitable.
  • Aiming for hardware surpassing these baselines (such as newer generation Intel Core processors or a faster GPU) will deliver a greater visual punch and a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Modern GPUs typically have several GB of dedicated video memory (VRAM). At minimum specs, this may become a bottleneck, depending on resolution and game settings. Higher resolutions or effects may not function fully due to limited VRAM.

For the ultimate WWE 2K24 experience on PC, target hardware that meets or exceeds these recommendations:

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10 or Windows 11 (64-bit). These most up-to-date OS versions often include enhancements, stability, and optimizations beneficial for games like WWE 2K24.
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 or AMD equivalent. These more powerful processors deliver faster calculations and better AI handling, crucial for complex wrestling game systems and a smooth experience in demanding game modes.
  • RAM: 16GB. More RAM ensures greater stability for the game, reduces loading times, and allows for more seamless multitasking if you have other applications running in the background.
  • Graphics Card (GPU): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super / AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT or newer. RTX series cards include ray-tracing capabilities for even more realistic visuals. Powerful GPUs enable higher frame rates, sharper resolutions, increased levels of visual detail, and access to special graphical effects showcasing WWE 2K24’s sports entertainment spectacle.
  • Storage: 70GB free disk space (SSD strongly recommended). A solid-state drive will reduce loading times significantly and boost in-game texture loading. With faster drives, you’ll spend less time staring at loading screens and more time in the ring.
  • Dedicated Video RAM (VRAM): Higher-end graphics cards boast several GB of VRAM. This is essential for rendering detailed character models, special effects, and textures at resolutions like 1440p or 4k. Insufficient VRAM could result in visual stuttering or textures not loading fully.
  • Ultra-realistic graphics: Enjoy crisp character models, detailed environments, and lighting effects that bring the world of WWE to life.
  • Smooth frame rates: Play at 60fps or higher for fluid action, crucial for the fast-paced nature of wrestling and online multiplayer modes.
  • Crank up the settings: Unleash higher texture resolutions, crowd density settings, and visual effects for a more immersive spectacle.
  • Increased longevity: Meeting these recommendations will future-proof your system against higher graphic requirements with potential patches and content updates for WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24: Release dates and platforms

Mark your calendars, wrestling fans! WWE 2K24 drops with these key dates and platforms:

  • Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Edition:  Brace for the main event with the official launch on March 8th, 2024. Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).
  • Deluxe Edition and “Forty Years of Wrestlemania” Edition: Craving early access to dominate the ring? These editions grant you three days of mayhem starting March 5th, 2024!  They launch on the same platforms.

Superstars gracing the covers

WWE 2K24 features a trio of exciting cover superstars:

  • Standard Edition: The “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his triumphant return in a stunning solo cover.
  • Deluxe Edition: Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair share the spotlight, two powerhouses of women’s wrestling.
  • Forty Years of Wrestlemania Edition: A montage of WWE icons and historic Wrestlemania moments, perhaps including legends like Dusty Rhodes.

WWE 2K24: Editions breakdown

WWE 2K24 has several editions to fit your wrestling appetite and budget:

Standard edition

  • The Main Event: This is your foundational WWE 2K24 experience! The Standard Edition includes the base game, ready to kick-start your wrestling dreams. Expect tons of core game modes, iconic Superstars like John Cena, and an updated WWE roster.
  • Pricing: The standard edition is the most budget-friendly option, usually retailing around $60 (USD) for previous-generation consoles (PS4/Xbox One) and $70 for current-generation (PS5/Xbox Series X|S).

Deluxe edition

  • Early Access and Extras:Want to step into the ring three days early? The Deluxe Edition unlocks on March 5th! Plus, you’ll get bonus content like:
    • Season Pass (unlocking future DLC packs)
    • A selection of WWE Legends wrestlers
    • MyRISE Mega-Boost – Enhance your created wrestler
    • Supercharger – Get a head start across multiple game modes
  • Pricing: The Deluxe Edition bumps up the price, often retailing around $90-100 (USD).

“Forty Years of WrestleMania” edition

  • Celebrate Legends:Dive into the storied legacy of WrestleMania with a special edition showcasing the event’s most iconic moments. Expect:
    • Retro Wrestlemania arenas
    • A huge roster of WWE Legends from different eras
    • Unique Wrestlemania-themed game modes and additional content
    • Pricing: As this is the most comprehensive edition, expect a higher price, possibly retailing around $120 (USD).

Additional notes

  • Pricing can vary slightly depending on retailers and your platform of choice.
  • Specific “Forty Years of Wrestlemania” edition details are still emerging, so watch for official announcements!
  • Pre-ordering editions often includes additional exclusive bonuses and items

Will your PC be a champion?

Going beyond the minimum specs opens the door to an enhanced WWE 2K24 experience on PC. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Next-Level Visuals: With a more powerful system, you can crank up graphics settings to enjoy enhanced wrestler models, dynamic lighting effects, and sharper environments. More complex crowds and additional ringside details create a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Smoother Performance: Increased frame rates are achievable, bringing fluidity to animations and reactions. This is crucial for the fast-paced action in matches and online multiplayer. For fans aiming for 60 frames per second or more, it means better responsiveness and more enjoyable quickplay sessions.
  • Unlocking Potential: Exceeding minimum requirements often enables advanced settings, further boosting crowd density, complex weather effects, or additional environmental details, enhancing the sense of immersion. More video memory (VRAM) lets you use higher resolution textures without visual compromises.

Bonus: Optimization tips

Ensure your PC’s ready for action, regardless of your hardware:

  • Update Drivers: For both your graphics card and operating system. Up-to-date drivers maximize performance and ensure compatibility.
  • Close Background Apps: Before playing, free up valuable RAM and CPU resources by closing unnecessary background applications.
  • Adjust In-Game Settings: If your PC doesn’t quite hit recommended specs, prioritize gameplay features. Sacrificing less impactful graphical settings can still yield an enjoyable experience.
  • Check Your Space: Ensure you have ample free space on your drive, ideally an SSD, for storing WWE 2K24 and any future updates and expansions.

Even before official system requirements are revealed, you can start assessing your PC’s capabilities. This helps guide your decisions around purchasing WWE 2K24.   Look for tools to identify your CPU (AMD FX-series or similar), graphics card series, RAM count, and hard drive type (SSD/HDD). Compare this information to minimum and recommended specs for previous WWE 2K titles to gain a broader understanding of your readiness. 


Before rushing to order WWE 2K24, take the time to understand your PC’s capabilities.  By knowing its strengths and limitations, you can make an informed decision, ultimately enhancing your gaming experience.  Remember, exceeding the minimum system requirements unlocks better visuals, smoother gameplay, and potential access to higher settings.  Meeting the recommended specifications will ensure you can experience the spectacle of WWE 2K24 to its fullest, with crisp detail and fast-paced action.

Upgrade potential

If your PC doesn’t meet the desired specs, don’t despair!  Upgrades can give it a boost:

  • RAM: Installing more RAM is often easy and relatively affordable.
  • New GPU: This provides the biggest performance gain, but might be pricier.
  • Adding an SSD: If you currently only have an HDD, adding an SSD is a fantastic upgrade for reduced loading times across any game.

Knowing your PC’s specs and upgrade options gives you the upper hand before WWE 2K24 enters the ring! Be ready to tackle the challenge of optimizing your experience for the best possible PC wrestling showdown.

Will WWE 2K24 be on Switch?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of a Nintendo Switch release for WWE 2K24. Recent entries in the WWE 2K series haven’t been made available on the Switch, suggesting technical limitations might be a factor. 

Can you pre-order WWE 2K24?

Yes, you definitely can! Pre-orders usually open up within a few months of the release date. Here’s where you can likely pre-order soon:

  • Digital Storefronts: PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam for PC players.
  • Major Game Retailers: Retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, etc., usually offer pre-orders both in-store and online.

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