Google WiFi blinking orange – causes, meaning, and how to fix

Here are some methods that can fix the orange blinking light on Google WiFi!

google wifi blinking orange light

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If your Google WiFi is blinking orange and if you are wondering how to fix it, then we have put together a walkthrough guide here.

A blinking orange light on Google WiFi means the device is not connected to the internet. This can happen for many reasons, including loose cables and local internet outages, but in most cases, you can fix it yourself with a few troubleshooting techniques.

In this guide, we will tell you the different causes behind the blinking orange light issue on Google WiFi and walk you through the steps to fix it.

Quick Answer

If your Google WiFi is flashing orange light, it indicates that there is no internet connection. To try and fix this, you can restart the router, update firmware, power cycle the device, or try a wired connection. Also, check for damaged cables, local network outages, and any kind of physical damage to the router.

Why is Google WiFi flashing orange?

Here are some possible reasons your Google WiFi might be getting the blinking orange light.

  • Internet outage from ISP
  • Damaged cables or loose connectors
  • Software glitch
  • Wrong network configuration
  • Hardware issue
  • Network interference

How to fix the Google WiFi blinking orange light issue

Let’s go over the different fixes you can try to resolve the blinking orange light issue.



Check for local outages from ISP

First of all, contact your ISP and ask about any scheduled maintenance or local outages. If your ISP provides a status portal or app, you can also use that to learn more about the network connectivity. While you’re at it, also ask if there has been a recent network change, as it can also cause the blinking orange light issue.



Examine cables for damage

Another reason your Google WiFi might be stuck with a blinking orange light is a broken cable or a bad connection. Make sure one end of the ethernet cable is connected to your modem and the other is connected to the WAN port of your primary Google WiFi router. Along with that, also check all cables for any damage or cuts. A broken or bad cable can also disconnect your Google WiFi from the internet.



Power cycle your Google WiFi

If all the cables are fine and there is no known outage from the ISP, your Google WiFi system may have a software glitch causing the issue. This can be quickly sorted with a power cycle.

  • Unplug all your Google WiFi devices and the modem.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Plug in the cables and wait for around 2 minutes.
  • Turn the devices on.



Verify your network configuration

Google WiFi system uses DHCP to assign IPs automatically. However, if your ISP uses a different protocol like PPPoE or static IPs instead of DHCP, you might have to configure your network. Since most ISPs have shifted to the DHCP protocol, the chances of this being the primary cause are thin. Nevertheless, you should call your ISP and confirm. 

If they are using the PPPoE protocol, you can head over to the WAN settings from the Google Home app and enter your PPPoE name and password. Similarly, you can also enter your static IP information from the same settings. Your ISP will provide you with the relevant information.



Check for network interference

Many users have reported that using a separate router with a different network alongside the main Google WiFi router can lead to interference. This often results in the orange light blinking problem. To fix this, you could either switch off the additional router or move it somewhere else to prevent any network clashes.



Use a wired connection

If you’re getting the blinking orange light with just one of your nodes, it might be an issue with the WiFi. To rule that out, doing a wired connection test is recommended. You can do that by:

  • Bringing the malfunctioning node closer to a working node or the primary router
  • Connect it using an ethernet cable and set it up
  • Remove the original network and take the node to its initial place

Setting it up via ethernet should fix the blinking orange light issue, and it should work properly once it’s back in its original spot.



Consider performing a factory reset

If none of these methods have worked for you, a factory reset is the way to go. It brings your Google WiFi devices to their original factory settings, clearing all network configurations and any bugs/glitches. This also means that you will have to set up your Google WiFi again after the reset.

  • Open the Google Home app and tap Devices.
  • Select your router.
  • Navigate to Settings > Factory reset network.
  • Tap Factory Reset.

Wait for around 10 minutes, and your router will reset.



Contact Google support

Finally, if you’re still getting the blinking orange light, it might mean there’s an issue with the device itself. It’s best to reach out to Google support for help. They’ll likely suggest resetting the device or doing a power cycle. Plus, they might ask you to send the faulty device to them for repair or replacement.

What does orange light mean on Google Nest Point?

As mentioned in our guide above, the orange light flashing on the Google WiFi router indicates that the router is not connected to the internet. You can refer to our guide for possible fixes.


If you see a blinking orange light on Google WiFi, power cycle your device, as this can fix the issue if a glitch or bug is causing it. Also, update your device to the latest firmware version and reconnect all the cables. In the end, reset your device to restore it to its default settings. But if nothing works, contact Google support for further assistance.

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