Orbi pink light – causes, meaning and fixes

Use these methods to fix the pink light on Orbi!

Orbi pink light

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If you’re facing the Orbi pink light issue and want to learn how to fix it, you’ve landed on the right page.

A solid pink light on Orbi routers typically indicates that there’s no active internet connection. Similarly, if your Orbi satellite has the pink light, it means it is unable to form a connection with the router. In such a situation, you need to troubleshoot the issue yourself.

This is where we come in. We’ll discuss different reasons behind the pink light on Orbi and how you can make it go away.

Why is there a pink light on your Orbi WiFi system?

Here are the several reasons behind the Orbi pink light issue.

  • Internet outage on ISP’s end.
  • Broken cables or loose connections.
  • Software glitches.
  • Incorrect placement of the satellite and router.
  • Corrupt or buggy firmware.

How to fix the Orbi pink light issue

Let’s go over different methods you can follow to fix the pink light on Orbi.



Contact ISP for local outage

Before moving on to the advanced solutions, contact your ISP and check whether an internet outage is happening. If your ISP reports a scheduled maintenance or a local outage, your only option is to wait for the internet coverage to be restored.



Do a power cycle

More often than not, your Orbi device can get a software glitch or bug that can cause the pink light issue. A simple power cycle can fix this by clearing any glitches. Just unplug and power off your Orbi satellites and router (including any secondary modem or router), give it 5 to 10 minutes, plug everything back again, and power it on. Now wait 5 minutes for your WiFi system to get back online, and the issue should be resolved. 



Check cables and connections

The pink light on Orbi devices can also appear due to broken cables or loose connections. Even if your Orbi satellites are connected wirelessly to the router, the central device still uses an ethernet cable to connect to the modem. First, make sure all the connections are firmly inserted into the ports; the RJ45 LAN connector should click when inserted. Furthermore, go over the entire length of your cables to search for any frays, signs of stress, or bends. 



Relocate your Orbi router and satellite

A pink light can also mean your Orbi router and satellites are too far apart or incorrectly positioned. If you have a multi-story house, you should place one Orbi device per floor (or per 5 rooms). It is also recommended that the distance between your Orbi satellite and router should be around 60 to 75 ft.  



Factory reset your Orbi devices

If your Orbi devices are set apart with the correct distance, and you’re still getting the pink light issue, a factory reset should resolve it. A factory reset clears out all of your network configurations and takes your Orbi WiFi system back to its default settings. This means you will have to re-configure your network and re-sync your devices after the reset.

  • At the back of your Orbi router, there is a small hole with reset written on it.
  • Insert a paperclip or a toothpick into this hole and press it till the light blinks amber.
  • Pull the pin out.

Give your Orbi devices around 10 minutes to finish the reset process. Once done, press the sync button on the router and then on the satellites after a minute to sync them. Hopefully, this will solve the Orbi pink light issue.

A factory reset clears out all network settings, so you should note them down to set everything up again quickly.



Install the latest firmware update

Another reason behind the pink light issue on Orbi devices is corrupt or outdated firmware. So, update your device to the latest firmware version to fix the issue. 

  • Download the latest firmware from the NETGEAR Download Center.
  • Sign in to the Orbi portal using your credentials.
  • Navigate to Advanced > Administration > Firmware Update.
  • Click Manual Update.
  • Mark the checkbox next to your satellite model and click Update.
  • You may be asked to enter your credentials again in the new window.
  • Click Browse and select the firmware you downloaded in the first step.
  • Click Upload.

Wait for around 5 to 10 minutes for the firmware to finish installing. In the meantime, don’t close any tabs or make any changes. Once your Orbi satellite has the latest firmware, follow the same steps for your Orbi router.

It is recommended that you use a wired connection to upgrade the Orbi firmware.



Get help from Netgear

Your last resort is to contact NETGEAR support and tell them the issue. They may ask you to try some of the troubleshooting tips we discussed. If it is a hardware-related problem, they will ask you to send them the Orbi device, and if it cannot be fixed, they will send you a fresh replacement.

Why is my Orbi satellite not connecting?

Your Orbi satellite may not be connecting to the primary router due to outdated or corrupt firmware. It can also happen because of a random bug or glitch.


The pink light on Orbi can be annoying as it prevents you from going online, but the issue can be fixed by a power cycle of firmware update in most cases. If these don’t work, you might have to factory reset your device to take it back to its default settings. And if everything fails, seek help from Netgear support. If there’s a hardware-related problem in your device and it needs to be replaced, check out some of the best mesh routers for alternate options.