Best AI sales tools in 2024 – our top picks

Maximize your business revenue with AI sales tools

Top picks for AI sales tools.

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If you are a business owner or working professional looking for the best AI sales tools to maximize revenue, then you have come to the right place. We found the best sales tools available in the market that you can try out today.

Sales is the most important department for any brand or firm, which helps them unlock new opportunities to increase revenue. AI has vast possibilities, and leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence in sales leads to the company’s overall growth and boosts productivity.

These AI sales tools come with unique features, and every AI sales tool is built for different types of businesses. So, picking the right one is important to fulfill your business needs.

The AI sales tools use machine learning algorithms and AI engines to predict customer behavior. It helps you with various tasks like lead qualification, forecasting sales data, outreach writing, sales pipeline management, and more which indirectly boosts sales and productivity.

We have listed the five best AI sales tools that optimize your sales workflows and help to achieve new possible revenue opportunities.

What are the best AI sales tools?

  1. Seamless AI
  2. Sendspark
  3. Gong
  4. Apollo
  5. Warmbox

Best AI sales tool overall – Seamless AI

Real time b2b data using AI sales tools.

Seamless AI is an AI-powered sales tool specially designed for B2B brands, which largely helps generate B2B sales leads in real time. It offers great integration support for other apps such as Hubspot, salesforce, chrome, outreach, and Linkedin Sales Navigator.

The standout feature of the Seamless generative AI is that the AI tool provides verified profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, and direct dials for anyone you need to sell to. The AI sales tool also offers an in-built AI writer tool that helps you write cold emails professionally. This AI writer tool is perfect for outbound sales professionals who want to create a sales-optimized e-mail on the go.

You can easily download all the important sales data generated by Data Enrich into an Excel sheet and get the most accurate information. Furthermore, the Seamless AI keeps your internal lists updated with the latest information so you can easily reach out to more people via emails and calls.

Seamless AI is the best B2B AI sales generation tool for brands and sales reps who need to establish a reliable connection with the right people and generate qualified leads to maximize revenue.

Seamless AI Pros

  • Offers up-to-date contact details
  • Real-time search engine for B2B sales leads
  • In-built AI writer for creating sales-optimized emails
  • Integration support from dozens of platforms, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Chrome, Outreach, and more.


  • Free for up to 50 credits


Seamless AI monthly pricing plans start at $65/mo.

Best free AI sales tool – Sendspark

A website with top picks for video sales tools, that scales.

Sendspark is a video messaging platform that allows you to connect directly with buyers worldwide via video calls and helps you close deals faster. Sendspark supports dozens of social integrations that help you share your meeting videos quickly and directly from the platform.

The AI tool allows you to add company logos, contact names, and roles to videos. The main advantage of Sendspark is that the AI tool has a high percentage of sales generation rates thanks to its personalized video meeting feature that helps you to make real connections with people.

You can even attach your pre-recorded custom introduction with an existing product or tutorial, and no need to repeat yourself. With the Sendspark, you can make faster connections and accelerate your sales processes with more pipelines, faster closes, and a better overall experience.

Sendspark is the best AI sales generator tool for marketing professionals that allows them to connect to potential customers via video calls directly.

Sendspark Pros

  • The video messaging feature increases sales generation rates
  • Social media integration support
  • Custom recording feature
  • Allows to schedule team meetings
  • Free version


  • No real-time search engine for lead scoring

Essential AI Tools

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Best AI sales tool for enterprises – Gong

Turn customer interactions into team productivity using AI sales tools.

The AI-powered Gong AI sales assistant uses customer interaction data to transform it into strategic insights, which improves revenue efficiency and leads to better decision-making. The AI-fueled revenue intelligence platform captures all interactions via calls, emails, docs, and CRMs and understands data trends with the help of AI to drive maximum productivity, predictability, growth, and maximum revenue outcomes. It analyzes every interaction using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and conversational AI.

It offers advanced-level sales analytics capabilities that allow you to go deeper and see assigned opportunities, warnings, past touch points stages, potential win amount, conversation optimizations, and more.

Gong is an advanced AI assistant specially made for enterprise sales teams and salespeople who want detailed analytics on each conversation. It allows sales teams to discover critical insights and helps make better lead generation decisions.

Gong Pros

  • Offers advanced analytics for each conversation
  • Support for 100+ integrations with CRM and other tools
  • Generates great insights that help to maximize revenue


  • No free plan or free trial
  • Requires a custom proposal to access the Gong


Gong doesn’t offer a monthly or yearly subscription. Instead, you have to require a custom proposal with your needs.

Best AI sales tool for startups and small businesses – Apollo

Sign up for apollo free forever and unlock top picks.

Apollo is mostly similar to the seamless AI sales engagement platform. The AI platform has access to 275 million contacts that help you to find, contact, and close your ideal buyers effortlessly. It offers dozens of customizations, from applying filters to searching and engaging with contacts based on the different brands. You can even search for the customer by using their name, email, industry, location, job title, company size, and much more- all with the help of AI.

It supports app integration that makes data sharing much easier and hassle-free. The AI-powered intelligent insights and powerful automation help you manage workflows and improve overall sales outreach.

Apollo is the best AI sales tool for small businesses and startups who are looking to maximize sales and improve productivity.

Apollo Pros

  • Offers vast and accurate B2B databases of up to 275 million contacts
  • Support multiple app integrations like Chrome, LinkedIn automation, and more
  • Personalized customizations to find customer by their names, Job titles, and company size. and more.


  • Free version with access to limited features


Apollo monthly premium plans start at $49/mo.

Best AI sales tool for marketing teams – Warmbox

A landing page featuring a woman sitting at a desk showcasing AI sales tools.

Warmbox is a powerful AI sales generator tool designed for sales and marketing professionals who heavily rely on cold emailing. The AI tool warms up your cold email inbox (Gmail, outlook, and more) and ensures your important emails never land in spam, promotion, or social tabs. It increases your email deliverability, and the Warm Up tool raises your inbox reputation, which maximizes the chances of faster replies from brands and customers.

Warm-up is an automated email process that involves human-like conversations via email. Warmbox’s main goal is to make your account trustworthy, and it helps to land every email in the lead’s inbox. In short, it has the potential to convert them into paying customers.

With access to 35,000 private inboxes, Warmbox makes sure your emails reach where they need to go, and all this happens automatically with the help of AI. You can even track every email deliverability with detailed reports and can create multiple warm-up campaigns.

Warmbox is an email-based AI sales software and is best for sales and marketing professionals who generate sales leads mostly via cold emailing.

Warmbox Pros

  • Access to 35,000 private inboxes
  • Automates the entire emailing process saves time and efforts
  • The warm-up feature ensures email account reputation and makes sure that every mail lands in the targeted place
  • Offer detailed insights for every mail deliverability


  • It doesn’t offer CRM data like other AI sales tools
  • Limited to the emailing


Warmbox offers monthly premium subscriptions starting at $19/mp for one mailbox.

Which is the best AI sales tool?

If you are a business owner and want to close more deals to maximize revenue,, then Seamless AI is an excellent choice. Seamless AI tool helps to find high-quality leads by offering verified phone numbers, emails, and direct dials. It also has a dedicated AI writer optimized for cold outreach that helps your sales team generate leads through professional cold emailing.

Sendspark is a partially free AI sales tool that helps you to close more deals via its personalized video messaging abilities. You can directly connect with the customers and make real connections with them, leading to more pipelines and a better overall experience. Compared to other AI sales tools, Sendspark has the highest possibility of increasing vital lead conversation rates.

Apollo is another top contender in the AI sales tool perfectly designed for startups and small businesses that want to reach every customer and keep track of every sales pipeline. The AI tool offers a whopping 275 million accurate B2B contact database that helps to find and target ideal buyers.

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