Sora vs Synthesia – Which will you pick?

Who will be the #1 generative AI tool?

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With OpenAI’s Sora app beginning its initial launch journey, so too does the barrage of comparisons with similar generative video AI applications. A key competitor for Sora will be Synthesia, the current “#1 AI video generation platform” allowing users to create studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in 120+ languages. How do these two fair in a comparison of features and performance aspects? We’ll let you know as we delve into the Sora vs Synthetsia.

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OpenAI Sora vs Synthesia – Features

Fresh off its announcement, Sora has become a major talking point within the AI industry and filmmaking world. Its specific capabilities in generative AI video are noteworthy. Sora can produce and render substantially longer clips than other applications that came before it. Sora’s content can be minutes long, compared to just brief snippets. Furthermore, Sora’s clips are longer, significantly higher quality, and in a variety of aspect ratios. OpenAI has focused intently on photorealism, to blur the line between the real and the AI-generated worlds. Based on content released to the press, we can see firsthand how the app creates entire visual landscapes with a cinematic quality as if straight from a movie set. Its immediate grasp of cinematic grammar and cinematography style is both important and daunting in equal measure.

Synthesia has already established itself at the top of the generative AI food chain. Boasting 15+ unique features such as custom AI avatars, voice cloning, and text-to-speech generation, Synthesia markets itself closer to the business world than to the filmmaking industry. The company pushes the product to those seeking to produce work-related training videos and presentations rather than cinematic masterpieces. This immediately pushes Synthesia into a different avenue than Sora. So, knowing this, what are the main similarities and differences between OpenAI Sora

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OpenAI Sora vs Synthesia – Similarities and differences

Let’s take a look at the key similarities and differences between OpenAI Sora and Synthesia. It is important to remember that OpenAI’s Sora is fresh off the newsstand and has a limited amount of information available – some information will be marked as to be confirmed (TBC) for this reason. Additionally, the majority of the information is currently sourced directly from OpenAI. For this reason, it’s always best to take any features and capabilities with a pinch of salt when third-party reviews or breakdowns are not available.

FeaturesOpenAI SoraSynthesia
Fast renderingYesYes
Custom avatar generationTBCYes
Voice cloningTBCYes
Complex scene generationYesNo
Extended clip lengthYesNo
Interchangeable aspect ratioYesNo
Features table for OpenAI Sora and Synthesia

Will Sora be better than Synthesia?

Based on the information currently available, the short answer is yes. However, this is only if you are looking to push the boundaries of your creativity. Sora will be a purely creative AI tool. Its generative video technology aims to create hyper-realistic video content that reflects our modern understanding of films and filmmaking. This includes cinematography techniques, lighting, and production design. However, Sora is not necessarily required if your purpose is to create informative content, such as work-related training videos or presentations. For this purpose, Synthesia is far more appropriate.

Final thoughts

So, who comes out on top when you compare Sora vs Synthetsia? When breaking down the features, it becomes clear that both models are not necessarily in competition with each other at all. In fact, Sora and Synthesia operate in different lanes and cater to separate audiences. Sora is designed for high-end video production and hyperrealism, whereas Synthesia is a business tool. The platform is aimed at producing content in mass that is less eye-catching, and more informative and interactive. So, when it comes to picking your favorite AI video tool, it truly depends on what your purpose is.