Sora release date speculation – when could it arrive?

All we know about the future arrival from OpenAI

Sora release date - AI generated shot of a dog sitting in a window

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Sora is the new AI model that’s capable of generating incredibly life-like video from text prompts, as well as animating DALL-E images. It will no doubt thrust OpenAI into the next phase of its march into artificial intelligence unknown, but what is the Sora release date? In this piece, we’ll cover the latest information and updates to keep you informed of when it arrives.

The expectation already attached to Sora is understandably high. Being an OpenAI product, and as a major follow-up to the company’s ChatGPT and DALL-E tools, Sora is highly anticipated – both in terms of capabilities and public access. In fact, for many, it would be disappointing if it wasn’t instantly one of the best AI video generators when released. However, it’s likely the company will only release Sora once it has completed extensive testing on the new model – to ensure it is both safe and usable.

Sora release date speculation

Having been revealed to the world on February 15th, 2024, the natural follow-up question is “When will it be released, and when can you access it?” At the time of writing, OpenAI has provided no official Sora release date. So for now there is only speculation and predictions to be made – unless we take OpenAI’s previous launches as a potential template.

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ChatGPT was worked on in 2021 (famously, only utilising data up until 2021 before going ‘online’ in 2023). But it was actually alluded to by OpenAI in research on ‘InstructGPT’ models in January 2022, before launching in November 2022. So there is a precedent for a few months between reference and a proper launch. As Sora has arrived with a lot of public information, it may be that there is a quicker launch being planned.

However, given it is currently in a phase of testing and feedback, with extremely limited access – to OpenAI, researchers, and rare demos for selected experts – it is hard to say. Even though OpenAI has released information on Sora’s capabilities, the public only has that and the Sora technical report for now. So as far as a speculated release date goes, we’d suggest it could be available in the second half of 2024, but perhaps not until Q4.

When can you access OpenAI Sora?

Again, it is impossible to say for sure. However, we would note that it would seem odd for OpenAI to provide such an array of information – and detailed examples of Sora’s abilities – more than a few months ahead of initial access. It may make sense that OpenAI is planning access for later this year – even if that comes as a limited or phased format of release. A key concern for any AI video generator or AI tool is how that product will be used once in the wild. So there will be plenty of considerations for OpenAI to address before any sort of confirmed availability.


Although we don’t yet know the Sora release date, we will be keeping a close eye on OpenAI for future updates. We feel it could arrive this year, and perhaps in a matter of months. But we’ll update here with the latest information as we get it, as we’re keen to bring as much useful and latest information to you about Sora as possible!

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