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Best Bluetooth Keyboard in 2023

Go wire free with the best Bluetooth keyboards on the market
Last Updated on October 12, 2023

Sick of being tethered to your machine due to copious amount of wires from peripherals? One way to cut the cord is through picking up a Bluetooth keyboard. Nowadays, there are a plethora of Bluetooth keyboards on the market at pretty affordable prices so it’s not hard to find one, but the difference between a good selection and a poor one is quite stark so making sure you get the prior is essential.

Luckily, we’ll be running through the best Bluetooth keyboards today so let’s jump straight into it.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

In narrowing down the wide range of Bluetooth keyboards on the market to provide you with a definitive answer to what is the best Bluetooth keyboard, we selected a few criteria such as battery life, keyboard features, and portability to separate to the top selections from the inferior entries. This has allowed us to detail the creme de la creme of Bluetooth keyboards below and one that we’re sure will fit right into your setup.

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  • Logitech brand
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate keystrokes
  • Expensive

As we’re sure you’re aware, Logitech has been in the peripheral market for what feels like since time began and have more than mastered the craft, bringing feature-rich accessories to consumers around the world.

The Logitech K380 is no different, detailing a slightly new take on the Bluetooth keyboards you’re accustomed to but with that Logitech premium feel. You’ll first notice the keys, they’re of a circular nature rather than the traditional square caps you’re used to seeing which in a compact Bluetooth keyboard makes for easier typing and less mistakes. It’s extremely lightweight also which makes for easy portability if you want to take it on the go.

For connectivity, it’s of course Bluetooth enabled but the ingenuity lies in the fact that you can connect to three different devices with a simple switch on the keyboard. This allows you to transfer your setup from desktop to laptop to tablet instantaneously, extremely useful for those that are working on the go.

There’s no rechargeable battery in the K380 which you might initially think is a big drawback but when you hear that it runs for two years simply off AAA batteries, we’re sure that’ll remove any concerns about this aspect.

If you’re worried about if it fits with the aesthetic you’re creating in your office, the K380 actually comes in a variety of colors including dark grey, white, and rose. This, therefore, should appeal to a variety of tastes and spaces.

  • Great value
  • Familiar design
  • 10-meter connection
  • Battery life not as good as the Logitech

Moving away from the named brand of Logitech, a smaller but respectable company is Arteck. What they’ve done here is manufacture a sleek looking Bluetooth keyboard that has every right to take a spot on our best Bluetooth keyboards list.

Right off the bat, youre able to see that instead of the rounded keys that the Logitech possesses, it has a more familiar feel with low profile square caps that you’re probably used to seeing on laptops. There’s the usual QWERTY layout but added hot keys too, customized for iPads, including volume, music, and brightness control. A nice added extra that some others simply don’t possess.

There’s the usual simple connection process that comes with Bluetooth devices with a max distance of ten meters, more than enough as you’ll more than likely be right next to the connected machine. It also supports all the go-to operating systems like iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows which means no matter what your setup is you should be able to hook it up to the Arteck.

In terms of battery life, again, it doesn’t sport a rechargeable battery but implements the same approach as the K380 taking two AAAs. Unfortunately though, instead of the two years the Logitech boasts, Arteck is suggesting that you’ll get a maximum of 6 months from their Bluetooth keyboard. Now, don’t get us wrong, this is still a long time and you won’t have to switch those batteries out on a regular basis, but it’s clearly a loss less longevity than the K380.

As alluded to by the name, the Acteck is extremely thin and light making it a perfect travelling companion and for those that have limited desk space. It weighs just 217 grams which is pretty incredible considering how robust it is and being 28cm in length, it’ll slot right into your backpack with ease.

  • Robust
  • The best scissor switches
  • Well-designed
  • Expensive

The Apple Magic Keyboard is an absolute go-to for a high-end Bluetooth keyboard for iOS and macOS devices. It slots right in alongside the aesthetics of Apple and obviously works in perfect harmony also.

Connectivity is extremely simple, especially if you’re trying to pair with an Apple device and if you want to use it while charging you can thanks to the USB-C cable that’s included in the package.

The build quality is fantastic and offers those stable scissor mechanism keys that have been a staple in Macbooks for a number of years now. The body is of an aluminium nature too making it robust and far superior to plastic.

The huge downside to the Magic Keyboard is the cost. As with any Apple product it comes at a premium, always annoying, but a given at this point in time.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Familiar design
  • Adapter included
  • Build quality could be better

The Seenda Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is a brilliant all-round option for those that are wanting maximum functionality while not compromising on features also. It’s extremely thin and light as well as looking/feeling much more expensive than the price tag slapped on it.

It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which lasts for a surprising amount of time and charges up relatively quickly. It also has a smart auto sleep feature design for power saving which is handy for those that are prone to leaving your equipment on.

To connect the Seenda, it has your standard Bluetooth connectivity and an additional adapter thrown in if your PC or laptop doesn’t have the tech built-in. This is a nice added bonus and one that a lot of other manufacturers want you to buy separately. You can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously too with a simple switch of a button similar to the Logitech we first mentioned, great considering the cost.

  • Included trackpad
  • Extremely portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Hinges could break if not careful
  • Design not for everyone

Probably the strangest looking Bluetooth keyboard to make our top five is the Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for the simple reason that it’s foldable. The fact that it is foldable makes it our most portable Bluetooth keyboard yet allowing you to pack it away nice and neatly into pretty much all backpacks and even smaller sized handbags. What’s even crazier about the Jelly Comb is that it includes a trackpad removing the need for an additional mouse to control your cursor. This is something that you really don’t see on Bluetooth keyboards so only solidifies its place on our top five picks.

The actual layout and look of the keys is similar to that of the Arteck we detailed earlier which we know is a plus and the low form factor of the caps certainly makes for easy typing and has the familiarity of a laptop keyboard.

Connectivity is again simple with the usual Bluetooth technology and if you don’t have Bluetooth in-built in your machine, you can simply purchase a seperate adapter. Moreover, if you want to use it via USB you can, meaning you don’t have to rely on the battery and removing the worry if you haven’t charged it up for a while.

Things to consider


Nowadays, most PCs and laptops have full Bluetooth compatibility allowing you to simply turn the feature on and hook up devices. Obviously, this is important if you want to sync a Bluetooth keyboard as it’s your only way to connect it. However, there are still machines that don’t have in-built Bluetooth tech so how do you bridge the connection? Well, some Bluetooth keyboards come with an adapter that simply slots into a USB slot, giving you the feature that you didn’t have before.

This is something that needs to be considered, especially if you have an older machine that might not sport the newer tech.

Battery Life

With the fact that Bluetooth keyboards are battery powered, unfortunately, you don’t have an unlimited amount of typing time. However, this can obviously be extended with a Bluetooth keyboard that has an exceptional battery life. There are tradeoffs though as a bigger battery means a weighter keyboard and also an increased price as well so, if you’re not using your Bluetooth keyboard for extended periods of time, maybe it’s not worth it. But, if you’re wanting a keyboard of this ilk to replace a wired variant in your setup, it might be your best bet to get as big a battery as possible.

Our Verdict

All in all, as you can see from our five best Bluetooth keyboard picks above, they certainly vary in terms of features and design but, there’s only one winner for us – the Logitech K380. It has universal compatibility allowing you to connect it to whatever Bluetooth enabled device you own as well as those rounded keys that actually enable you to type easier on the smaller form factor keyboard. A big plus, and something you don’t typically see is a 2 year battery life from those AAA batteries you insert, which removes the need to keep on recharging it and getting caught in those low battery scenarios.