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Best PC Cases Under $100 In 2024

Secure yourself a top PC case even on a budget
Last Updated on February 1, 2024

When it comes to our PCs, we all want a stylish home for them, don’t we? After spending our hard-earned money on motherboards and CPUs, we want them to be stored safely!

Selecting the best PC case can be challenging, especially if you do so on a tight budget. There are so many cases on the market, and with every case claiming to be the best, where do we begin?

But luckily for you, we are here to provide a helping hand! We have combed through endless cases to bring you the five best PC cases under 100! Keep reading for our excellent options, and be sure to check out our buyer’s guide for some handy tips when it comes to finding your new PC case.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

When it comes to purchasing one of the best PC cases under $100, you will need to consider the case’s size. If this is a replacement case, you will need to ensure it has enough room to house your current components.

The dimensions of each case will be listed in their product descriptions so you can ensure it is the right size for you. You will also need to ensure that the PC case is compatible with your existing motherboard to avoid further costs.

Cooling Capacity:

When it comes to your PC case, the cooling capacity is an essential factor to consider. All of your PC’s components will generate heat, so you will need a case to keep them cool. Additional fans are great, but a PC case with cooling capacity can only enhance your PC!

Built-in fans can also save you space when it comes to your PC build too. Keep an eye out for cases that come with fans or included radiator arms for installing fans. These will make your installation easier and ensure there is enough space for all your equipment.

Remember that fans will generate noise, so consider this when placing your PC around the home. If you want a quiet PC case, be sure to check out our review of the best quiet PC cases on the market: Best Quiet PC Case.


Tempered glass is a popular material used in PC cases these days. It allows a transparent view of the components that many users enjoy. Tempered glass is extremely durable and is not too heavy, which allows lightweight cases to be manufactured.

Metal is also used on the exterior of PC cases. These provide excellent protection for the internal components and a sleek design that will look great in your office or gaming area.

Aluminum is also a great material used in PC case construction. This is often lighter than metal cases, too, so an excellent choice for those after a lightweight case. Aluminum is a cheaper material too, which helps to bring the cost of your PC case down!


Be sure to check the ports available on the PC case too. Many will feature a USB port on the top next to your convenient power switch. Common ports to look out for are HDMI, microphone, and aux inputs.

When it comes to your computer’s internal workings, check that the case has enough space for them. Ideally, you want room for HDD, SSD, your motherboard, processor, and other components you already have.

Keep an eye out for cases that offer flexibility, too, as you will be able to build your PC as you see fit then!


As you can see, we have already set a limit of $100, making the cases included today reasonably priced options. We would still recommend setting a budget that will suit you.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to find the best PC case for you; there is one to suit every budget!

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Reasonably priced
  • Range of color options
  • Complete metal exterior with tempered glass panel
  • Syncs with RGB motherboards and Phanteks RGB products
  • Magnets for dust cover are a little weak

Today’s clear winner for one of the best PC Cases Under $100 is Phanteks P300 PC case. At a reasonable price, the PC case comes in a range of colors; black, white, black/red, and black/white, giving you the chance to have the case that best suits your style!

The case features an entire metal exterior with a PSU cover and HDDs. There is also a tempered glass panel that allows you to see into the case. It also comes with a magnetic dust filter that works to keep your PC clean.
Some customers noted that the magnets on the dust cover were weak and preferred higher-quality magnets. This issue was not widely reported, but one to consider when making your purchase today!

Phanteks case comes with a 120mm fans front and I/O for 2 USB ports, a headphone, mic, and LED control.

An RGB Power Light and ambient downlight features ten colors and integrated illumination modes that sync perfectly with RGB motherboards and Phanteks RGB products. Be sure to check your existing motherboard before purchasing today!

Speaking of motherboards, Phanteks case can support ATX, uATX, mITX, mITX, and E-ATX (up to 275mm wide)! That is an incredible range of compatibility!

You get two front-loading 3.5-inch HDD mounts that can support a fan up to 240/280mm in front. There are also 2 SSD mounts included allowing you to construct your PC with ease.

Customers enjoyed the build of the case and the excellent value for money! Especially when you consider the included tempered glass, the case is very well-priced.

After a high-quality case that offers a range of ports and compatibility? You won’t find a better option than Phanteks PC case!

  • Reasonably priced
  • Streamlined cooling
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Supports Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX motherboards
  • Some customers raised concerns about the quality of the case.

Another fantastic option among the best PC Cases Under $100 is NZXT’s PC case. The case comes in three color options, white, black, and red/black, to suit a range of homes and styles at a reasonable price.

The case features a tempered glass side allowing you to see into the PC case. This features a single-screw installation, making it super easy to set up. The PC case supports Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX motherboards.

What’s great about this case is it contains new features compared to NZXT’s previous model. The case features a front I/O USB-C port and the tempered glass side panel we looked at earlier. These features add a premium feel to the case, without the price tag.

The case features enhanced cable management too. NZXT uses its patented one-cable routing kit and pre-installed channels and straps that make wiring simple and easy. You won’t get caught in a tangle of wires with this case!

NZXTs case features a streamlined cooling system. Two Aer fans measuring 120mm are included to promote optimal airflow throughout the case. There are also removable filters in the front panel and PSU that maintain a clean and cool PC case.

There is also a removable bracket for radiators up to 240mm, making the installation of either closed-loop or custom-loop water cooling easier.

Some customers found the case’s quality to be deficient in some areas, with the screws placed too tightly, causing the case to warp slightly. This issue was not widely reported, but one to consider before making your purchase.

Customers enjoyed the case, praising its excellent construction and cooling capabilities. They enjoyed the glass panel and found it easy to install or work on their PC.

If you are after a great PC case that can keep itself cool and is easy to install, then NZXT is the case for you!

  • Reasonably priced
  • Ultra-fine mesh panel for optimum cooling
  • Easy to install
  • Essay accessibility to I/O
  • Some customers needed to add their fans for better airflow.

Another great option from Phankets is their P300A mesh PC case! At a reasonable price, the case comes in a sleek black color. The case features an ultra-fine mesh panel on the front of the case to deliver excellent cooling capabilities.

The mesh covers the entire front of the chassis and keeps dust from entering the system and your computer providing fantastic airflow in the whole PC system. The cooling system is not silent; some noise will be considered when placing the PC in your home.

The case features a tempered glass side panel, allowing you to see and showcase your PC’s build. It’s also handy for quick diagnostics on time too!

Phanteks 300A Mesh case features a spacious and open interior that will be an excellent choice for your build. The case can support ATX motherboards and features a 280mm radiator in the front that can support a vertical GPU bracket and full-size power supplies.

You get easy accessibility with this case, thanks to its I/O. You get great ports too, 2 USB ports, a microphone, and a headphone jack. There is also a power and reset button in an easy-to-reach location, allowing for seamless use of the case.

The HDD trays are front-loading, making installation even easier! There are 4 SSD mounting locations and a separate PSU compartment too!

Some customers noted that the vents on the front of the case were on the smaller side. They found the need to add their own larger fans to ensure enough airflow to cool the entire unit. This issue was not widely reported. An integrated cooling system’s advantage is to save on fan space, but many users still opt to add their fans. It is worth considering this before making your purchase.

Overall, customers were impressed with the case. They found the build quick and clean to do, with room for their components. The mesh panel was enjoyed by many for adding style and cooling capabilities to the case.

If you are after an easy-to-use option among the best PC cases under $100 that won’t break the bank, then Phanteks mesh PC case is the one for you!

  • Top of the budget
  • Clear view with thick tempered glass panels
  • Compact design that’s great for mini and micro motherboards
  • Range of drive trays
  • Some customers found the included fan loud.

Sitting at the top of our budget is Thermaltake’s Level 20VT PC case. The case features a clear view with four tempered glass panels allowing you to view the inside of your case from 360 degrees!

The glass used is 4mm thick to protect your components while also providing easy access to your interior features when needed. You get great cooling through these panels, too, allowing for airflow. You also get one 200mm black front fan pre-installed for great cooling power.

One panel is perfect for radiator mounting, thanks to the gapped mounting, which delivers additional airflow! Thermaltake’s case is compact and supports mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards.

What’s great about this case is that you can change the configuration to suit your needs. This is thanks to the symmetrical panels on the top, sides, and bottom of the case.

The PC case features a toolless drive bay design that features removable drive device racks for unlimited flexibility. You can build the PC to your exact specifications. The two-chamber design allows this; you have an upper chamber for the motherboard and PCI-E components, while the bottom chamber houses your PSU and drive bays.

You get a good range of ports with this PC case too. You get I/O ports, 4 USB ports, two at 3.0 and two at 2.0, and HD audio. These allow for speedy transmissions that will enhance your PC.

Some customers found the included fan to be loud and distracting while in use. This issue was not widely reported, and it is worth remembering that all fans will generate some noise level.

Customers enjoyed the design of the case. In particular, they enjoyed the flexibility this case boasted as it has no dedicated right side. Customers also praised the top rail mounting, making the job easier than on other PC cases on the market.

If you are after a flexible case that is durable and great for mini and micro motherboards alike, then look no further than Thermaltake’s PC case!

  • Can upgrade the included fan if needed
  • Clean and compact metal exterior
  • Extreme cooling capacity
  • Three installation areas
  • The case was larger than some customers anticipated.

Yes, that’s right, we have another great option among the best PC cases Under $100 from Phanteks. Its Enthoo Evolv case is clean and compact. An excellent choice for those working with limited space!

The black case has a metal exterior to deliver a clean interior. What sets this PC case apart from others is its cooling capacity. It includes a 200mm premium fan and has support for up to 5 fans, ranging in size from 120mm to 200mm.

You get an innovative liquid cooling mounting system with this PC case. The radiator brackets included offer an easy installation. There is a lot of flexibility, too; the case provides three different installation areas for slim and thick radiators ranging in size from 120mm to 140mm.

Phanteks case comes with a removable HDD cage and a 28mm cable management space. You get one removable Drop-N-Lock SSD bracket. The dust filters in the front and back of the case allow for a clean interior.

There are brackets for fans or a radiator up to 280mm in size on the top of the case. You get multifunctional brackets that make installing pump brackets, reservoir brackets, and SSD/HDD brackets a breeze!

What’s great about this case is that you don’t need to worry about messy cables. The Hoop-N-Loop cable ties allow for clean cable management. The ties are great and will enable you to keep the cables neatly out of the way.

The PC case comes with two USB ports, a microphone, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a reset button that is all easily accessible.

Some customers found the case to be larger than expected when it arrived. The size offers extra space that previous cases do not, especially for larger motherboards and fans. While many customers enjoyed the larger size, it does require additional storage room.

Customers loved the case; they praised its build and appearance. They found the additional space excellent to add to the PC and create a unique build that suited them.

If you are after an excellent PC case that won’t take up too much room and will keep your cables tidy, then it’s the Phanteks case for you!

How we picked the best PC cases under $100?

Here at PC Guide, we would never recommend anything we would not use ourselves, and when it comes to the best PC Cases Under $100, this is no different. We know the importance of a good quality case to keep our components safe and only selected ones of the highest quality.

We paid close attention to the materials used, the cooling capacity, dimensions, ports, and loading trays to find the best PC case under 100. We also considered the cost, how easy it is to use, and any upgrading possibilities. You can be assured that any case in today’s list will be of the highest quality and designed to stand the test of time.

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your PC case and go!

What case has the best airflow?

Fractal Design Meshify 2 is a really great compact case with optimal airflow. Several other high-airflow PC cases include Corsair 7000D, NZXT H5 Flow, Lian Li Lancool, and the Thermaltake AH T200.

What does ATX stand for?

Several motherboards have different sizes, one of which is the ATX form factor. ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended, an Intel-patented technology that stems from the AT design.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our review today! Don’t look so sad; we’ve covered a lot of ground today and have found the best PC Cases Under $100, with the Phanteks P300 being a clear winner.

Whether you are after a quiet and smooth operation or incredible flexibility when installing your PC, there is a case here for you today! Remember when searching consider the areas we covered in our buyer’s guide, and we are sure you will find the perfect PC case!