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Best 70-inch TVs in 2024 – our top 70″ smart TV picks

A rare size, but one that delivers the goods when it comes to immersion.
Last Updated on January 4, 2024
Best 70-inch TV

Looking for the best 70-inch TVs in 2023? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve been searching for a 70-inch TV, you might have noticed a couple of things. Firstly, they are cheaper than you would expect for a television of that size, even the more high-end ones. Secondly, there aren’t as many options as you would expect. Don’t worry, there are still a fair few – just not hundreds and hundreds.

Over the last few years, TVs have been manufactured in a wide variety of sizes. But some, including 70-inch models, are now becoming rarer as 65-inch, 75-inch, and larger sizes become the standard.

Part of the reason for that is how TVs are manufactured. Specifically, the cost-effectiveness of how many screens can be cut from a single glass panel. And with many of the best 65-inch TVs and best 75-inch TVs being a popular choice for most people, 70-inch TVs appear to be on the way out.

So, is buying a 70-inch TV a bad idea? No! In fact, it’s a great time to buy one, provided that you’re not looking for the absolute best in picture quality. We’ve selected some of what we think are the best 70-inch TVs on the market today, including some new releases.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best 70-inch TVs

For this guide, we have looked at several 70-inch TVs from different brands, compared them, and selected the ones we thought were the best. The TVs have been selected based on panel types, resolution, and other important factors. Further, we are always looking to add new products to our guides to keep them updated – so check back here again for newer 70-inch options.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Great brightness from the QLED screen
  • Excellent color
  • Does a decent job of upscaling
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Overall contrast isn’t amazing

As far as 70-inch TVs go, this Samsung Q60C ticks pretty much every box in our opinion, and it benefits from being a more recent model in more ways than one.

As with most of the best Samsung TVs, this packs a QLED display, which is great for brightness, color, and more, plus some other features that make it more appealing for gamers out there. Notably, its Motion Xcelerator works to smoothen out the look of fast-paced action on screen, which may not be the same as having a 120hz refresh rate but does get you a little closer in some respects. Either way, gaming or watching sports should benefit from this feature.

Of course, it’s a smart TV that supports all the usual streaming platforms and works with Google Assistant or Alexa. This is pretty standard nowadays, but it still impresses when it comes to sheer ease of use.

Add this to object tracking sound and you’ve essentially got the complete package for a home theatre setup. In our eyes, it’s practically the best 70-inch TV for most people, and pretty affordable too. 

For more QLED options, we’d recommend checking out our picks for the best QLED TVs.

  • Amazing value with sharp detail and crisp color
  • Optimized sound adapts to every scene
  • Does a good job upscaling content
  • No gaming features
  • Viewing angles aren’t great

If you’re after a budget 70-inch TV, we think this Samsung 7-series is a good option for most people.  

This isn’t a QLED and it doesn’t have the best tech that Samsung has to offer. But honestly, for this price, you’ll be amazed by just how good it looks.

That’s thanks to dual-color technologies. Dynamic Crystal Color is a step down from 100% Color Volume but, working with PurColor, it helps to widen the color gamut over standard 4K TVs. And it ensures everything you watch is packed with bright, bold shades.

This model also has one of the best entry-level processors in any TV, with the Crystal Processor 4K. Again this isn’t as powerful as the Quantum Processor, but it still does an impressive job of making older content look brand new.

And it works hard on sound levels too: using Adaptive Sound tech it can analyze scenes and tweak the settings so that dialogue doesn’t get lost among the action of everything happening around it. 

There are no gaming features really, and again the viewing angles aren’t the best, but again this is a cheap TV for a screen this size, and it does come packed with features.

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • webOS smart platform
  • Game Optimizer
  • Gaming features are limited

If you want a 70-inch TV within a reasonable price range, then you should check out this LG 4K smart TV.

To start with, this LG TV sports a 70-inch screen, which should make it suitable for living rooms, lounges, and big bedrooms. Further, you get 4K UHD resolution, so you can expect high picture quality

Much like some of the best LG TVs, this one also runs on the webOS smart platform. Plus as this is a smart TV, it can blend in seamlessly with your other smart home devices and give you more flexible control. You get access to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and other apps, so you shouldn’t have to worry about streaming your favorite shows.

As far as gaming is concerned, the TV packs in a Game Optimizer, which activates when you switch on a game and delivers a low latency experience. And with a 60Hz refresh rate, you should be able to use this TV for casual gaming.

  • 4K definition and clear images
  • Customizable smart platform (Google TV)
  • Great price for a 70 inch TV
  • No upscaling of older content
  • Brightness and colors are average

Hisense is an interesting brand of TV. It’s not a top-tier manufacturer, but some of its TVs perform really well in the mid-range, with some impressive features.

This isn’t really one of those: as we’ve said, the selection of quality 70-inch TVs is a little limited. Instead, this is a decent 70-inch TV at an excellent price.

It’s 4K and comes with Dolby Vision, which means that colors are more realistic and details are nice and sharp. It also has Google TV, one of the better smart platforms available, with a ton of apps to download and smooth controls with limited lag.

For gamers, don’t expect a wealth of features but it does come with automatic Low Latency Mode, which should improve the smoothness of your games (and give you a slight edge over your competition). Plus, it has a voice remote, so controlling everything is nice and simple.

Just don’t expect a super-bright picture with amazingly vibrant colors. It’s pretty good, but the Hisense 70A6H won’t blow you away. For this price though, and for a 70-inch TV, you really can’t complain. You can check out some of the latest and greatest from the brand without list of the best Hisense TVs.

Top features and considerations

With 70-inch TVs lacking some of the best features that other screen sizes have, there are just a few key areas to look for when comparing different models. And the first is pretty crucial – the processor.


The processor is responsible for ‘processing’ the image that you see on screen, and better processors can upscale images to make them look as good as possible – which is pretty important on screens that are as big as 70 inches.

The best processors in this sort of range are Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K Lite and LG’s Quad Core Processor 4K (which just edges it as the outright winner) but lower-end models still do a solid job, preventing images from looking blurry or lacking sharpness on a massive TV.

Gaming Features

Next up you might want to look for gaming features, unless you don’t plan on doing much gaming. HDMI 2.1 ports are rare for 70-inch TVs but some do still have Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for a smoother gaming experience.

Smart Platform

And then the other major differentiator, beyond any brand-specific tech, is going to be the smart platform. A better TV will make it easier to navigate between apps, loading content faster, while voice controls allow you to search for your favorite show really easily. So bear that in mind when making your decision.


The visible difference between a 70-inch TV compared to a 65-inch and 75-inch display is honestly quite minimal. We’d say that you should absolutely consider these options if you’re not finding what you want at 70 inches. We have a number of guides for practically every size, and we’ve listed the ones we think are worth checking out below.

What’s a good price for a 70-inch TV?

70-inch TVs are some of the cheapest large-screen TVs you can buy, just because it’s a screen size that’s being phased out. The best 70-inch TVs will cost around $800-1,000, but you can get a pretty good one for around $500-600.

Why are 70 inch TVs being phased out?

70 inch TVs are getting harder to find. That’s because they simply are not as popular as 65 or 75 inch size TVs. The reason for this is unclear, but what it means is that you probably won’t be able to buy 70 inch TVs for much longer.

Where can I find 70 inch TVs?

Although 70 inch TVs are a little tricky to find these days, there are still a few places which stock these models. Samsung is a big-name brand which offers some good options, but it’s also worth checking out Amazon and Best Buy if you are keen to snag a deal. They often offer competitive rates as they are in direct competition to attract customers.

Is a 70 inch TV too big?

In some instances yes. Some recommendations state that you should be up to 10 feet away when watching. This makes a 70-inch TV impractical if you want it in a smaller room. For places bedrooms, offices, and smaller rooms we would recommend downsizes and choosing one of the best 43-inch TV options or even a good 32-inch TV.

Our Verdict

We think the best 70-inch TV on the market today is the Samsung Q60C, thanks to its excellent QLED display, 120hz refresh rate, and sleek design. As far as 70-inch TVs go, this ticks pretty much all the boxes and offers great value for money too.