XGIMI Elfin Mini LED Projector review – Good things come in small packages

xgimi elfin projector review

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All in all, the XGIMI Elfin is a mini projector that will tick a lot of boxes for most people. It’s small, lightweight, and has solid connectivity that allows for easy communication between your devices.

The picture quality, while not spectacular, does the job and does it well, especially with the inclusion of the 800-lumen bulb. It does fall down with dark images and it lacks the on-the-go portability that other XGIMI projectors have but ultimately, these are small downfalls in an otherwise solid new entry into XGIMI’s projector lineup.

If you want to experience the XGIMI Elfin for yourself and you’re willing to drop over $600 on it, you can pick it up from XGIMI directly or through your favorite e-retailer Amazon.