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Best Quiet PC Case In 2024

Go silent with the best quiet PC cases
Last Updated on January 11, 2024

There is no getting around it; PC’s can be loud. Any electrical device can make noise, but PCs can quickly become a constant whirring earache when you throw fans into the mix. But aside from dropping serious cash on quiet fans, what can we do?

We can get ourselves a quiet PC case; that’s what we can do! The market has exploded with more of us craving a silent operation; quiet PC cases will use many technologies to keep the noise to a minimum. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything about the shouting when you get shot mid-heist!

There are so many quiet PC cases on the market these days, and with such a range in price, finding the best quiet PC case can be challenging. But don’t panic, for here at PC guide, we are here to help!

If the price ranks higher in importance than how quiet your PC case is, perhaps our other article Best Budget PC Case in 2023, will be more helpful.

We have found the five best quiet PC cases on the market that are sure to revolutionize your PC experience! Keep reading for our excellent recommendations and a handy buyer’s guide, which will help you decide!

Products at a Glance

How We Picked

We get it; you’ve had your heart broken before by poorly judged reviews. We have all been there! This is why, here at PC Guide, we would never treat you like that! When selecting the best quiet PC case, we made sure that only those meeting the highest of standards would grace this list today.

To do this, we waded through the depths of the internet, judging cases based on their noise levels, cooling capacity, and adjustability. We considered their size, cost, range of ports, and customer feedback to select only the best for you lovely people today!

Here at PC Guide, we would never recommend a product that we would not be proud to use, so sit back, relax, and prepare to have your minds blown by the best quiet PC case!

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your PC case and go!

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Reasonably priced
  • Solid construction with high-density sound damping
  • Can convert the storage layout to suit your needs
  • Fast charging interface
  • Some customers did not find the case quieter than other cases.

Today’s winner, and the best quiet PC case overall, is Fractal Design’s Define 7 case. At a reasonable price, the case delivers low noise levels thanks to its high-density sound damping. The case comes with several color options, too, allowing you to tailor it to your style.

The PC case features a solid construction of brushed aluminum to deliver durability without any excess weight! The refined front door features dual-handed reversible hinges and a magnetic latch for excellent access.

There are a lot of storage options with this case too. You can mount up to 14 HDDs alongside 4 SSD mounts. The storage layout function is excellent for those with lots to fit into their PC tower!

You also get three fans included! The dynamic X2 GP-14 fans are preinstalled, and the tower boasts room to expand to nine fans if you need it! Now that is some serious space. There is also space for large motherboards; you can get up to a 285mm E-ATX motherboard here! You’ll be hard-pressed to find other PC cases that can offer that for this price!

The fans work to maximize airflow without adding noise to the case. Some customers found that the case was not as quiet as they expected, especially the included fans. The issue was not widely reported, but one worth considering for those craving a silent operation! The case is still quiet, with many customers praising a virtually silent operation.

To offer endless possibilities with space, you can convert an unused fan position to an HDD, SSD, or pump mount thanks to the included multi-brackets. Now that is some serious diversity on offer!

Fractal offers fast charging and speeds of up to 10Gbps thanks to its five USB ports featuring USB-C charging power and capabilities. Great for those who crave fast speeds!

Customers were pleased with the PC case. They found the design and finish to be of premium quality. They found it a quiet operation while the computer was idle or during gameplay.

If you are after a reasonably priced PC case with outstanding sound dampening and a range of storage and ports, it’s the Fractal Design case for you! More time to browse? Keep reading for our other great recommendations!

  • The interchangeable top cover and front panel provides increased airflow.
  • Three pure wings 2 140mm fans
  • Extra thick insulation mats to reduce noise
  • Compatible with a range of motherboards
  • You have to choose between maximum airflow or a silent operation.

For those with a larger budget, consider the Be Quiet! Silent Base 802 PC case. The sleek black tower provides excellent interchangeable components for a tower that will suit everyone’s needs.

The top cover and front panel can be changed to deliver either maximum airflow or silent operation. While choosing between the two is not ideal, those craving a quiet operation will still enjoy the case!

The case comes with three Pure Wings 2 140mm fans to deliver excellent airflow throughout the case. There is also space to add additional fans, too, for those after a very cool system.

For those craving silence, you get extra-thick insulation mats with Be Quiet!’s PC case. The mats work to reduce the noise generated from the tower. Customers praised the thick dampening material on the PC’s back panel for reducing noise levels while the PC was in use!

Customers praised this PC case’s size, offering plenty of space for a range of components and larger motherboards. What’s great about this case is how compatible it is with a range of motherboards! It can fit ATX, M-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards!

There is also a range of USB ports, including a USB-C for faster charging, mic and audio slots, and seven slots! You also get space for additional fans too; you can tailor the PC to your specific needs!

If you are after a great case with a wide range of compatibility, it’s the Be Quiet case for you!

  • Affordable
  • Steel case for increased durability
  • Sound damping side panels
  • Easy installation and upgrade potential
  • Fewer ports compared to other cases on the market.

For those after an affordable yet quiet case, Corsair is the best one for you! The mid-tower case uses lined side panels and noise dampening materials to keep the sound down.

The noise-isolating materials used on the side panels work to reduce noticeable fan noise. It’s an excellent option for those building a media PC and avoids adding more noise to your environment.

The steel case provides incredible durability to ensure your components are well protected from any knocks or damage.

Available as a solid case, with a window, or with a tempered glass panel, the PC case features easy installation and upgradability. Thanks to the tool-free side door, you can easily access the interior components and get to work on any upgrades or repairs!

Corsair has fitted two 120mm fans to ensure airflow in the closed-faced design. There is also a 3-speed fan controller that powers on overdrive when required to maintain an excellent machine. The controller also helps to keep the PC as quiet as possible while you are using it. Being in control of the fan allows you to control the noise in a way that we don’t usually see in the PC world! Especially at this low price!

Customers praised how quiet the PC case was and its solid construction. Especially when you consider the price, it is very well built!

For excellent connectivity, the case features USB 3.0 compatibility. There is also ample space within the case; you get four hard drive trays, all made with sturdy construction. While it does not have as many ports as other PC cases, its quietness is worth the port sacrifice!

If you are after an affordable case but don’t want to compromise on your PC’s quietness, it’s the Corsair case for you!

  • Reasonably priced
  • Versatile with removable slots and cage
  • Adjustable top cover vent for cooling
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Thin aluminum is not the most sturdy.

For those after a reasonably priced quiet PC case, Be Quiet has another fantastic offering for you! The black case features orange detailing for a stylish design.

The case is incredibly versatile, with a removable ODD cage and repositionable HDD slots. This allows you to rearrange the case to your preference. You can also adjust the top cover vent to enhance the cooling and mounting options. Customers praised the amount of room available within the case for a range of fans and other components.

Be Quiet!’s PC case is water-cooling ready and can house radiators up to 360mm on the top, front, or rear of the case. The flexibility of his PCS case is fantastic! The case also comes with two-preinstalled pure wings fans to ensure a quiet operation.

A fully windowed side panel is made from tempered glass, which allows you to view the PC’s internal components. It is worth noting here that tempered glass panels are not the best for reducing noise in PCs.

That being said, customers praised how quiet the PC case was! Customers even reported that they couldn’t tell the PC was on, and it was running so quietly!

The case is made of thin aluminum to provide a lightweight feel to the case. Great, should you need to move the PC around? However, some customers noted that the aluminum felt quite thin, and when screwing or moving the case, it does not appear overly sturdy. This issue was not widely reported but is one to consider when purchasing your quiet PC case.

If you are after a versatile PC case that is incredibly quiet and well-ventilated, it’s the Be Quiet! Pure Base 600 for you!

  • Reasonably priced
  • ModuVent technology for silent and compact operation
  • High airflow and silent computing
  • Flexible storage options
  • Some customers found the filter at the front restricted airflow.

Fractal Design is back with another fantastic option for you! Their Define Mini C case features ModuVent technology that dampens the sound in this sleek, compact black case.

The case features high airflow that enhances the silent computing and flexible storage options. You can store up to 5 drives in this case, and 5 PCI-e slots will allow you to expand your PC over time. The slots are also great for dual GPU setups too. The slots are reusable, too, so as your PC changes, you won’t need to purchase additional slot covers!

Fractal Design’s case features front and side panels lined with industrial-grade sound-dampening material. Customers found the two 120mm GP-12 X2 fans quiet while in operation and still delivered excellent airflow to keep the PC case cool.

The PSU dust filter will also work to keep your PC dust-free and clean while allowing airflow to access your PC. Some customers found the filter a little restrictive and that the airflow into the PC was compromised. This issue was not widely reported, so it should not affect your PC and its dust-free airflow!

And if you are tired of rogue cables, Fractal Design has thought of that too! There are multiple options for cable management with this case to keep your PC organized. Customers enjoyed the pre-installed velcro cable ties, making cable management simple and easy!

Customers enjoyed the case; they found the cable management excellent and kept any rogue wires away from the fans allowing fresh air to enter the case. They praised the solid construction and well-fitting parts of the case too.

If you are after a reasonably priced PC case that is quiet and kept cool with a range of storage options, Fractal Design has the case for you!

Things To Consider

Not sure what you need from your quiet PC case? Let our buyer’s guide help you there!

Cooling Power

Although we are focusing on noise levels, it is still essential to consider your PC’s airflow and cooling capabilities. After all, the better the airflow is, the less your fans will need to work, delivering a quieter PC.

Look out for cases that come with built-in fans or have enhanced airflow that will allow for a smoother and quieter operation. If you are purchasing your fans, look out for ones labeled as a quiet operation to help keep the noise levels down.

To glass or not to glass?

When it comes to a quiet PC case, it is best to avoid towers with tempered glass panels. These can let noise leak out and aren’t as quiet as closed-case units. Tempered glass panels are also not the best for airflow and require additional fans, making extra noise.

With a closed-case PC tower, you are more likely to get dampening materials that will keep the sound within the tower than project it out into the room. While glass panels are handy for easy access or to show off your build, they aren’t always the most practical.


As with any PC case, flexibility is a great feature to have! It will allow you to create the PC to your specifications with minimal complications. When purchasing your new case, consider its flexibility.

Look out for cases with removable brackets or cages that can be moved. Cases with detachable panels, tops, or easy-to-remove windows are handy for providing access and enhanced flexibility.

When considering the flexibility of your PC case, look at the range of ports available too. A good range of USB ports will allow you to tailor the PC to your needs too. If possible, you will want at least one USB-C port, as this will deliver faster speeds than newer devices will appreciate. HDMI ports and aux ports are great additions too!


It is essential when purchasing your quiet PC case that you set a realistic budget and stick to it as closely as possible. When setting your budget, consider the critical features; it is a good idea to make a list and influence your budget.

Remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a fantastic and quiet PC case! There is one to suit every budget.


Do quiet cases have good airflow?

Quiet PC cases are specially designed to reduce noise using features such as noise-damping foam to absorb the vibrations from the spinning hardware. In some cases, very quiet cases can result in poor airflow causing your PC to heat up.

Ultimately, the airflow of your PC case comes down to the design. Our top pick, the Fractal Design Define 7 claims to have excellent airflow and cooling capabilities. In this case, this should not be a concern.

When choosing your next PC case, we recommend reading over the specifications and checking reviews to make sure buyers have not encountered issues with overheating. We also recommend considering how much noise you would be happy to withstand so you are not compromising on thermal performance.

Our Verdict

Here we are, the end of the line! We hope you have been able to see the best quiet PC cases on the market! As you will have seen, there is one to suit every budget and need!

Thanks to sound dampening panels, increased airflow, and stylish cases, you too can have a PC at home that won’t distract you with its whirring! No longer can that be an excuse for your questionable gameplay!