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Best Raspberry Pi Cameras in 2024

Take the most amazing pictures and videos with these top picks among Raspberry Pi cameras
Last Updated on January 18, 2024
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Raspberry Pi has become the go-to device for do-it-yourselfers and tech enthusiasts who are looking to build their own projects. The Raspberry Pi camera module is an essential element of many projects, allowing users to capture high-quality images and videos through their devices. In this article, we’ll review the best Raspberry Pi cameras on the market today and discuss the features that make them stand out from the rest.

Whether you want to add a security camera to your house, monitor wildlife around you, or just watch your pets while you’re out of the house, the Raspberry Pi is the perfect device to help you carry on with such projects.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best Raspberry Pi camera

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic device for anyone interested in tinkering and experimenting with DIY technology. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced builder, the Raspberry Pi comes with an endless array of possibilities. One of the most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi is its camera. With so many different cameras on the market, how does one choose which is best for them? We’ve done all the hard work for you and picked some of our favorite Raspberry Pi cameras!

We looked at factors such as price, features, compatibility, and more to make sure we were choosing only the best cameras available. By carefully evaluating each option, we were able to create a comprehensive list that includes cameras suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Plus, all of our recommended models come highly rated by past users and are great value-for-money picks that won’t break your budget.

Features and consideration

Picking the best Raspberry Pi camera for your project or application can be a daunting task. There are numerous features and considerations to take into account when selecting the right model, so it’s important to understand what each camera offers in terms of resolution, frame rate, sensors, lens type, and more. To help you make an informed decision, this article outlines some of the key features and considerations when choosing a Raspberry Pi camera.

When comparing different Raspberry Pi cameras, look at factors such as video quality (resolution), speed (frame rate), and size (sensor). For instance, if you need high-resolution footage then look for one with a CMOS sensor that boasts 1080p resolution or higher. Additionally, ensuring your camera has enough frames per second is essential if you plan to film fast-moving objects or activities.

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Product Reviews

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Wide field of view
  • Small and easy to install sensor
  • Original Raspberry part
  • Video can be a bit too soft

The Raspberry Pi Camera v2 is the best option for anyone looking for a tiny camera to use with their Raspberry Pi. With its 8-megapixel Sony IMX219 image sensor, the Camera v2 can capture images and videos of exceptional quality. Furthermore, it offers an adjustable-focus lens that lets you take pictures in various focal lengths depending on your needs. Additionally, this camera features both visible light and infrared capabilities making it ideal for projects that require environmental monitoring or night vision applications.

The Raspberry Pi Camera v2 is a great option if you are looking for an affordable, yet high-quality camera solution for your Raspberry Pi project. It offers flexibility and compatibility with almost any application you might need to use it for. If you are looking to take beautiful photos or record crystal-clear videos, the Camera v2 is one of the best options!

The new Raspberry Pi Camera v2 has been rebuilt from the ground up, using a different circuit board, simpler components, and a new sensor chip as it provides a crisp, 8-megapixel photograph. The prior Omnivision 5-megapixel was changed for a new 8-megapixel Sony IMX219 module.

The new lens has a larger angle of view because it has a lower focal plane of 3.04 mm. This new camera is able to capture more within the frame, largely due to a larger image sensor installed. Also integrating a new sensor chip has improved the overall quality of images.

  • Super high-quality pictures
  • Tripod ready hardware
  • Very easy to use
  • Lenses come separately
  • High price

One of the most important components of any Raspberry Pi project related to photography or video production is a good-quality camera. The IMX477 high-quality camera by Raspberry Pi is one of the best cameras available on the market today, providing excellent image quality with a 12-megapixel resolution and support for interchangeable lenses. It also features an adjustable back focus and support for C and CS connectors for easy installation and integration.

The IMX477 camera’s dimensions have increased from the previous model, measuring 38mm by 38mm, versus 24mm by 23mm for the Raspberry Pi camera V2. This is due to the fact that a compatible C-mount adapter was added so various interchangeable lenses can be screwed in place. This also permits the user to add CS lenses to the camera.

Another added feature for this camera is a 200mm ribbon cable that is compatible with the CSI connector of all Raspberry Pi versions. The add-on features, though, have a little bit of a drawback: they require a lot of power, so you’ll need a reliable power source for them to work correctly. To avoid any issues, you’ll want to use an official Raspberry USB charger cable with three amps and five volts of power.

  • Great infrared images
  • Considerably good amount of megapixels
  • Low price
  • Select use-cases

Having great megapixels and wide lenses is always great, but not all projects can benefit from those features. Sometimes all you need is a low-cost camera to see better at night or in low-light situations. In this case, the Raspberry Pi Infrared Camera Module is the best option available. This is not an official Raspberry Pi camera, but it was built like it so you can be sure that it is fully compatible with the device.

The Raspberry Pi Infrared Camera Module is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for taking photos and recording video. Whether you’re looking to capture stunning natural shots or take your project’s infrared capabilities to a whole new level, this camera module has got you covered.

This camera module comes with a five MPOV5647 sensor, making it capable of capturing high-resolution images up to 3280×2464 pixels in size. It also features an infrared filter that allows it to pick up light in spectrum ranges that are normally invisible to our eyes so you can experiment with night vision photography and time-lapse videos.

  • Incredible wide-angle with 160-degree field of view
  • Up to 1080p at 30 FPS video capture
  • 4K still picture resolution
  • 8-megapixel lens
  • Requires separate purchase of Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2

This camera, like many others in the space, also uses the 8-megapixel OV5647 sensor. It’s a low price and reliable sensor with a vast list of compatibilities so you won’t have any issues installing the camera.

The MakerFocus Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their Raspberry Pi project. This camera module has been designed specifically for use with the Raspberry Pi and is one of the best options available. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, this camera module offers plenty of features that will help you create amazing projects with your Raspberry Pi. 

This camera module features an 8-megapixel resolution, 1080p video recording capability, and adjustable focus control. With these capabilities, you can capture high-quality images and videos with ease. The wide-angle lens provides an excellent field of view for capturing amazing photos from any angle. Additionally, infrared night vision makes it easy to take pictures in low-light environments without needing extra lighting equipment.

That’s all of the best Raspberry Pi cameras one can find on the market today. No matter if you are a newbie hobbyist or a veteran Raspberry Pi creator, these camera modules will all serve you well, allowing you to create fantastic and surreal images through your self-made device. Each product listed above has its own merit for Raspberry Pi users, but the standout option remains the V2. Upgrade your device today and get photogenic with the best camera one can find.

Can you use a camera with Raspberry Pi?

Yes, you can use a camera with Raspberry Pi. Part of the fun of building your own computer is customising it however you please! In 2023, there are plenty of good options for cameras you can attach to your Raspberry Pi rig.

How does a Raspberry Pi Camera work?

The Raspberry Pi camera module works by attaching to the Raspberry Pi hardware via a CSI interface. This means it will follow the commands of the computer.

What is the minimum distance for the Raspberry Pi Camera?

For the Raspberry Pi camera to work, it needs to be 50 cm from the object in focus. This is because the camera module has a focal length of about 50 cm.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the Raspberry Pi camera family has something for everyone, from the novice to the professional. The Raspberry Pi Camera v2 is an excellent choice for taking everyday photos, while the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera IMX477 produces images of extraordinary clarity. Finally, the Raspberry Pi Infrared Camera is one of the best Raspberry Pi modules for capturing images in low-light conditions. Taken as a whole, these cameras all offer a versatile range of options to capture beautiful photos with your Raspberry Pi projects.