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Best Monitor for Home Office in 2024

Kit out your home office with the best monitors on the market
Last Updated on February 22, 2024
best monitor for home office

With more of us than ever working from home, laptops just aren’t cutting it for many of us. We are increasingly searching for monitors that will provide a larger and more comfortable screen to work on.

But with so many on the market, how do we find the best monitors for home office? With so many monitors claiming to be the best and deliver different results, choosing your new monitor can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, that is where we come in to save the day! We have worked tirelessly to bring you the best monitors for home office. Keep reading for our fantastic options that will enhance your productivity and deliver outstanding visuals to your home office.

Whether you have a fully-fledged home office or have claimed the kitchen table, we have a monitor to suit your needs!

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best monitor for home office

Here at PC Guide, we value your trust, and it is why we would never recommend you something that we would not use ourselves. And this is no different when it comes to monitors! With so many of us working from home these days, selecting the right monitor for your home office is essential.

We looked at the resolution, refresh rates, color gamut, and any anti-blue light technology to find the best monitors for home office to select only the best. We also considered the monitor’s cost, size, and versatility to ensure it would work for a wide range of people and their needs.

But we didn’t stop there! We thoroughly researched the market, paying close attention to what other experts and customers said to ensure that every recommendation today is a durable and high-quality monitor that you will be proud to use in your home office.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick to grab your monitor and go!

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • 27-inch LED-backlit LCD monitor
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI and VGA connectors
  • Contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • You will need to purchase the VESA mount separately

Today, our top pick and winner is Dell’s 27-inch monitor! At an affordable price, the LED-backlit LCD monitor is an excellent choice for anyone’s home office.

The full HD monitor boasts a resolution of 1920×1080, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 to deliver high-quality clear, and sharp pictures. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, the monitor is quick and offers seamless transitions between tabs and programs for a comfortable working environment. The fast response time of 5-8ms enhances this too for a quick monitor that will suit your home office well.

Dell’s monitor offers HDMI and VGA input connectors, allowing you to connect your laptop or PC to the monitor with ease.

The monitor does not come with a VESA mount, so you will need to factor the cost of a VESA mount into your budget despite its low price point. The stand the monitor does come with is 10% smaller than its predecessor to offer more desk space and still provides the same sturdiness level.

You can tilt the monitor, too, allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle for you and seaking of perfect viewing, Dell’s ComfortView feature works to reduce the harmful blue light that can cause eye strain and other side effects. The screen is also flicker-free and anti-glare, which reduces eye strain and allows it to work with ease.

Customers loved the monitor, praising the excellent quality for the price. They commented on the monitor’s ability to keep the blacks black and was remarkable for streaming videos too! Great for any training videos you might need to watch on a dull Tuesday morning!

  • A full HD 27-inch monitor
  • Micro edge display for an ultra-wide viewing experience
  • AMD free sync technology for seamless gameplay
  • The adjustable screen allows for flexibility.
  • Some customers found the quality of the speaker to be sub-par

Another affordable option is HP’s 27-inch monitor. The full HD monitor features an ultra-wide 1080p display and resolution that is great to use in home offices. The monitor features a micro-edge display thanks to an extremely thin bezel; you will get an ultra-wide viewing experience that is great for those using multi-screen setups! The monitor is ultra-thin, too, saving you precious desk space without compromising on quality.

The screen features Anti-glare technology that is great for those working with lots of natural light making it also kind to your eyes and allows you to view the monitor from various angles. HP’s monitor additionally uses AMD free sync technology, which is excellent for those using their home office monitor for gameplay too! (Or maybe that is your job, you lucky thing!) The technology allows for fluid and responsive gameplay, enhanced by a fast refresh rate that reduces lag and screen tearing.

The monitor features built-in speakers that deliver crisp audio, saving you even more desk space as you won’t need to worry about additional speakers with this monitor. You can also adjust the screen, and tilt it forward or backward to enhance your viewing experience. After all, why not be comfortable in your home office?

Connecting to this monitor is easy too, with the use of USB connectors, you will be away in no time! There is a good range of these available, too, so you can connect your device to your monitor easily.

Customers loved the picture quality of the monitor that they found worked well in their home offices. Many customers cited using it as a second screen as part of their home office and found it complimented existing systems nicely.

  • A 24-inch ultra-slim monitor
  • VESA wall mount ready
  • Multiple HDMI ports
  • LED display
  • Some customers experienced issues with color quality when using an HDMI connector

The most affordable option today is Sceptre’s monitor that is sure to enhance your home office! The 24-inch ultra-thin LED monitor features a full HD resolution of 1080p that will make viewing documents or spreadsheets super dreamy.

Sceptre’s monitor boasts a refresh rate of 75Hz to deliver fast graphics with minimal screen tearing, great for those who switch tabs often or work with graphics and video editing. It also features Adaptive-Sync technology, closing the gap between your graphics card and monitoring refresh rates to reduce tearing and stuttering further.

With a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the quality of the colors will be excellent. Customers praised the perfect colors, comparing it to other monitors that feature IPS panels. The colors are accurate and will enhance any gameplay or work with videos, photography, and graphics. Some did experience some wahed out colors in certain modes but issue was not widely reported, so it should not cause you any problems. If it does, it is worth connecting your monitor to your PC or laptop through the DisplayPort instead as customers who did this reported far fewer issues regarding color washout.

The thin bezel and chassis allow for a wider view of the screen that will be great for those working on split-screen tasks. It also provides additional space for those working on videos or scrolling through large spreadsheets.

What’s great about this monitor is that it is VESA wall mount ready, allowing you to take your monitor to the next level! It’s an excellent option for those who prefer working with a monitor on the wall or working in video editing. There are also built-in speakers, great for those who blast music while they work or use sound in their jobs.

Customers loved this monitor, praising the noticeable difference in the higher refresh rate. They noticed this not just during gameplay but the general use of the monitor too! They praised the excellent price of this monitor, with some customers using them for multiple screen setups.

  • 27-inch 4K monitor
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 99% screen-wide color accuracy
  • Range of connective ports
  • Expensive

For those with a larger budget after a fantastic monitor for home office, Viewsonic’s monitor is the one for you. The 27-inch monitor features 4K UHD with a resolution of 3840×2160 to deliver lifelike colors. The SuperClear IPS monitor is an excellent option for editors, photographers, video editors, graphic designers, and more!

Viewsonic’s monitor features 99% Adobe RGB color accuracy across the entire screen. Using a smooth palette of 4,39 trillion colors, you get precise and lifelike images displayed on your screen.

The monitor features hardware calibration that is quick and easy. The calibration will ensure that the color displayed matches the original file perfectly. No more wondering, is this color right? Not only do you get vivid colors, but the surrounding bezel is also so thin it’s barely there and offers more of the screen for you to view. The ultra-wide viewing angles allow you to enjoy the screen no matter your position, great for those who might share their home office or like to move around the room. Additionally, thanks to the HDR10 content support, you can view videos as they were intended to be seen. The full and immersive viewing experience is why this monitor is an excellent option for film studies or video editors.

What’s great about this monitor is that it comes with productivity-boosting features that will be a welcome addition to most home offices! The advanced ergonomic design features a built-in ambient light sensor and a KVM switch to boost your productivity! The light sensor is excellent for those of us trying to avoid excessive eye strain staring at screens all day!

Viewsonic’s monitor features fantastic connectivity too! The monitor supports laptops, PCs, and IOS operating systems. Thanks to its USB 3.1 Type C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini Display Ports, there is sure to be a connection port for you!

You also get a fantastic 3-year warranty with this monitor and access to Viewsonic’s US-based customer support. You will have access to support for any queries or concerns you may have.

Customers loved the high-quality of the monitor, especially those using it for photography work. They found that the color quality was brilliant and delivered crisp text that was great for documents and images alike!

  • Ultra Wide Monitor
  • Value for money
  • Curved screen is not for everyone

This monitor is the perfect option for anyone who works with many windows open. The LG 34WN750 features a 34-inch ultrawide screen allowing you to handle everything without the need for multiple screens. This monitor is the best blend of features, price, and quality.

It’s a large, bright 34-inch monitor with HDR10 for vibrant colours and HDMI and DisplayPort ports, so you shouldn’t have any trouble connecting it to your laptop. Although, the lack of a USB-C port will disappoint many users – Especially, MacBook owners. Nevertheless, this is an excellent option for anyone who needs a large screen.

The LG 34WN750 has some unique features that make it stand out from other home office monitors. For example, it has OnScreen Control, which lets you customize the workspace by splitting the screen or adjusting basic settings with a few clicks. It also has AMD FreeSync, which reduces screen tearing and stuttering in games.

Things To Consider

Size matters

When it comes to a monitor for your home office, you will need to consider its size carefully. First, you will need to measure the available space to ensure that you purchase your room’s right size.

As you will be spending your working day here, you want the size that suits you. For example, it might be worth sizing for a larger screen if you work with split screens a lot. It is also worth investing in a larger screen if you work on large spreadsheets. The larger the screen size will allow more columns to be shown, reducing scrolling time and boosting your productivity! As a general rule, a screen 24-inches or larger will benefit you and your home office space.


Look out for a monitor that has an excellent ergonomic range. This will allow you to tailor the monitor to your viewing needs. When spending time in front of our screen, we want to be comfortable.

Being able to adjust the monitor’s tilt and angle will allow you to work in a way that suits you, as will pivot functionality too. It will also enable you to move the monitor in accordance with any lighting issues you may have in your home office.

Adaptive Sync technologies

You may have come monitors with either AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync, but what are they, and are they needed for a home office monitor? In short – no, not really. They’re both technologies that are found in many of the best gaming monitors, and their primary benefit is to reduce screen tearing at high-framerate gameplay. For most home office monitors, it’s not essential, but if you plan on using your monitor for gaming too, we’d say you should 100% go for it.

Portable monitors

For a home office, you may be tempted to go for a portable monitor. Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend them for a more permanent setup, but if you’re living the digital nomad lifestyle and your home office changes from month to month, they can be a good option. The max size you’ll find is around 24″, but they tend to be lighter weight and lower resolution than most traditional monitors.


The resolution you will need on your monitor will depend on the work you shall be doing. If you are working with graphics, video editing, or photography, opt for the highest resolution you can afford. This will allow pixel-perfect viewing and a comfortable view of your work.

For those working on documents and spreadsheets, 1080p Full HD resolution will offer a sharp focus for your text and a comfortable user experience.

Refresh Rate

When looking at your monitor’s resolution, it is always wise to consider the refresh rate. There is no point in having fantastic visuals if the monitor is too slow to load them! 60Hz is excellent for those working on documents or spreadsheets as this will allow you to load documents quickly and switch tabs smoothly.

However, those working with graphics, streaming, or editing will want a higher refresh rate. Those 100Hz or over will be more costly but are less likely to lag and deliver the fantastic visuals you need to work in peace. There is nothing more frustrating than slow-loading pixels!


Keep an eye out for monitors that offer a range of connection ports. When purchasing your monitor, consider the ports you will need to connect it to your advice. A USB-C port will provide a single wire connection popular with many for a simple connection that won’t clutter your workspace with wires.

It is always worth opting for a monitor with a range of ports in case your needs change. An HDMI port is a bonus, especially for those whose work monitor might double for their gaming!

Added extras

To get more for your money, always look out for added extras or handy features to enhance your monitor for your home office. Good features include flicker-free screens and technologies that will reduce potentially harmful blue light.

With more of us working from home, eyestrain and the side effects of this are becoming increasingly common. Looking out for these features can allow for a more productive and comfortable workspace.


When it comes to monitors, the price can vary dramatically, leaving you unsure of how much you should be spending. It is a good idea to set a clear budget beforehand to avoid spending too much.

When setting your budget, consider what features are of importance to you. For example, is the size or image clarity of importance? Use these factors to help set a realistic budget.

Remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good-quality monitor for your home office. There is a monitor to suit every budget!

What is the best monitor size for office work at home?

The sweet spot normally sits around 27 inches. Although, depending on how much space you have and what you plan to use your monitor for, you may want to opt for something slightly smaller or larger.

Do I need a 4K monitor for office work?

In short, not really. If you are doing photo or video editing then a 4K monitor may be necessary. However, if you plan to use your monitor for more general office work this may be overkill.

Although, as more and more streaming sites release HD content, purchasing a 4K monitor could be a good investment.

Is 32 inch monitor big for office work?

32-inch monitors are a great size for those who often work in split screen, have to edit digital media, or have deep desks. However, 32 inches can be a bit overkill for most.

Our Verdict

And now here we are, the end of the road. But we have reached it richer and wiser, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you are enhancing your home office, creating a new one, or just trying to make it through the horror that is working from home (for some, we love it!), there is a monitor to suit every budget!

In our opinion though, for what we think is the best monitor for home offices, the Dell SE2719H takes the crown. It has a large display while also being extremely sharp. It won’t break the bank either thanks to its affordable price point, making it a fantastic choice for a wide range of users.