Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a – and excuse me – a great little machine. Now on its fourth iteration, the Pi is used in tonnes of different projects and is just an all-around incredible device to begin working on!

Don’t let the barebones nature of it scare you, we’ve got all the guides and tips to keep you busy, as well as some reviews of the different accessories you can get for it as well.

Perfect for beginners and even better for those who master it, PC Guide will take you by the hand and show you the wondrous world of Raspberry Pi!

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What can I use one for?

The tiny PC might seem feeble, but in the right hands, it’s been used to make full security systems, servers, and even emulation machines.

With its operating system based on Linux, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. Plus, if you’ve thought of it, it’s more than likely the very active community has already figured it out.

We’re going to cover just about everything you can possibly do with your Pi and more. Installing Windows, MAME, and even getting it to work with the new smart home world we now live in!

PC Guide wants to bring those of you who’re completely new to this into the fold and those who are already at home, we hope you find something new to do with your tiny PC or learn something new altogether!

And yes, it’s going to get a little weird in places as well!

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