How To Find Wi-Fi Password On iPhone

Want to find your Wi-Fi password without checking the router? Find out how to find it through your iPhone here.

How To Find Wi-Fi Password On iPhone

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There are times when you want to connect to a network without having to type in your Wi-Fi password again and again. Luckily, Apple has found a way to allow us to connect to a Wi-Fi connection without repeating the passcode. 

Wi-Fi is a wireless local area network (LAN) standard developed by the IEEE in the 1990s. It is a revolutionary technology that allows us to be connected to the internet almost anywhere. 

So, how can we find the Wi-Fi password on an iPhone, without having to find the code on the router? We find out now. 


Find Network Name And Password Using iOS 12 And Higher

Most iPhones are now running on iOS 15, although some people are still using past updates up to iOS 12.

Here is how to find the password if you are using one of these softwares. If you are still running on iOS 11 or prior, you might need to update your phone beforehand to get this feature. 

Use the following steps to find your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone. 



Open Settings

Open Settings app and navigate to Wireless & Networks section. You should see the Wi-Fi name that you are currently connected to.

This should also be the one that you want the password for. Click on the Wi-Fi to enter a new menu.



Click and Hold

Click and hold the number next to the word Router on this menu. A pop-up should be seen saying Copy. Copy this number so that it is in your clipboard ready to be pasted somewhere else.



Search Bar

Now open your browser on your phone i.e. Safari or Google Chrome.

Click the search bar and press paste when the pop-up can be seen. The Router number should now be pasted into the search bar. Press Go.



Name And Password

You should now be taken to a page, on which it will show you information about your router.

Note that you might have to put your router’s name and password into the page before it will show you your password information.

That’s it – you should now be able to see the password for your Wi-Fi network. You can copy this code and send it to anyone who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi without typing a long password out!


Find Wi-Fi Password On Mac

It is slightly easier to find your Wi-Fi password on Mac devices over iPhones, as you don’t need to head to your browser to do so. Here are the steps if you want to find your password on Mac rather than your iPhone.



Keychain Access

Make sure that your keychain access is on, both on your iPhone and your Mac.

To do this on iPhone, head to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud and turn Keychain on. For Mac, Mac, go to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and turn Keychain on.




Now that your keychain access is on for both devices, go to the search function in the top right-hand corner of your Mac. Search Keychain Access and head to this setting.



Search Name

Search for the name of your Wi-Fi. If the password is set up in your keychain, you will be able to find it here.

You will have to input your password to get access to the Wi-Fi code, so input your password to unveil the password. 

Now you can copy this by highlighting it and right-clicking, before choosing Copy. Paste it to anyone who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network. 


Hopefully you have learned something valuable in our article today. As you can see, it is quite easy to find your Wi-Fi password on multiple Apple devices.

This method is still not as simple as Window’s method, in which you simply have to click on the Wi-Fi connection to unveil the password. 

Still, Apple has found a few ways of making passwords very easy to remember and find. The Keychain can be very beneficial for many reasons.

Remember to always check these settings on your device if you are concerned about security on some networks. 

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